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React Basics!

💭 What is React?

  • A UI library developed by Facebook
  • creates interactive, stateful, and reusable components
  • it uses Virtual DOM
  • example: Instagram .com is completely written in React

✨ Features is React?

  • it makes quick and responsive apps
  • uses Virtual DOM
  • Does Server-Side Rendering
  • Single Way Data Flow *Open Source

😌 Why Use React?

  • Simple and easy to learn
  • it is fast, simple, and scalable
  • it uses a component-based approach
  • no need for direct DOM Manipulation
  • Increases App Performance

🥺 Limitations Of React

everything has some limitations and React is not an exception!

  • it is very rapidly evolving which might get difficult for some developers to keep up.
  • Inline HTML and JSX confuses a lot of people.
  • Size of the Library is quite large.

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Discussion (5)

florianheysen profile image

I think that Nextjs simplify many confusing things for beginners. In particular pages, routes, and API fetch !

ansub profile image
Ansub Khan Author

will be looking into Next.js after learning few basics of React, you know of any good resource to learn about Next.js?

hacker4world profile image

There is a youtuber called codevolution that has a playlist for nextjs it is really good i recommend it

Thread Thread
ansub profile image
Ansub Khan Author

thank you! will definitely check it out

lukeshiru profile image
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Luke Shiru

What is this post? Is tagged for beginners but ...

  • Mentions Virtual DOM, doesn't explain it.
  • Mentions SSR, doesn't explain it.
  • Mentions One-Way data flow, doesn't explain it.
  • Says it "increases app performance", compared to what?

Is basically just a list of things, without any details, context or anything that makes it useful for actual beginners 😓 ... You should try to actually expand some of the items.


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