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Beta testing: PVS-Studio plugin for VS Code checks .NET projects

The release of PVS-Studio 7.27 is on the horizon. So today, we'd like to invite you to take part in the beta testing of the PVS-Studio plugin for Visual Studio Code. The upcoming update may be of particular interest to C# developers, as the plugin now supports analysis of .NET projects. You'll also get to try out a more user-friendly UI.

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Beta testing will continue until early October, when we will release the plugin and make it available to all users.
To try out the updated plugin now, follow the link and sign up for beta testing.

You will receive an email containing links to the plugins, installation instructions, and a temporary PVS-Studio license. It's free. Do you know someone who might also be interested? It would be great if you could share this article with them.

If you encounter any bugs, crashes, analysis issues, or strange messages while using the plugin, please email us in response to an email you will receive or via the contact form. Any comments, bug reports, and suggestions are welcome.

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