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A hard quiz to crack for C++ programmers by Sergei Kushnirenko

Hello, fun seekers and brainstorming enthusiasts! It's the PVS-Studio team. Now you have an opportunity to pass a new awesome quiz on our website. It has challenging questions from the programming world. It's not just a quiz, it's the quiz by Sergei Kushnirenko, a game developer at 4A Games. If you're tired of routine tasks and want to stretch your brain with something challenging — welcome to the quiz!

There was an idea

How did we come up with the idea to create the quiz? It was purely coincidental. Our team found two Sergei's articles. In these articles, the author encouraged us to put our thinking caps on curious and tricky errors. He took some errors out of his list that he had carefully collected over the years. Other errors were taken from the list of questions for reverse job interviews — the approach that Sergei and his team use to question candidates. Trust me: errors aren't easy — there are many moments to puzzle over.

When our developers' team read the articles, an idea for the quiz just came up. We contacted Sergei, and he kindly agreed to help us. We were left to come up with answers to tricky questions, their design, and implementation.

Step-by-step guide

Let's find out more about how you can pass our quiz? It's very lucid!

Step 1

Exhale and focus. The questions will be tricky. If you answer most of them, you're obviously an experienced specialist who writes a lot of code, and a nice guy, though. Are you focused? Go ahead to the quiz at the link!

Step 2

Leave fear and doubt behind. Hurry up and click "Start". Then everything is easy: read the question, choose and click the answer button. If your answer turns green — you're right; if it turns red — don't be upset and look at the green one — the right one.

Step 3

That's it! It's time to get the results. Take a screen and place it in a golden frame if you correctly answered all the questions. Please don't be sad if the result is imperfect. These questions are really difficult.

Let's recap

Found all the errors? Don't worry if you didn't. Our analyzer can help you detect such bugs. Would you like to try it? You can do it: after passing the quiz, you can get a free 30-days trial license. Try PVS-Studio on your projects and experience the power of the static analysis. :)

At the end of the quiz, we left a link to an article with a detailed breakdown of all the tasks. Of course, we could leave a link to the article here, but I didn't do that. It's boring!

Want more?

If you'd like to read more articles about the found bugs and their detailed descriptions, take a look at this short list:

That's all! If you want more fun, our Entertainment section is waiting for you. Spend your free time with games, quizzes, and challenges. Don't hesitate to visit our website, you won't regret it!

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