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Laravel Hosting on Devrims Managed Cloud Hosting

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that uses the model-view-controller design pattern that is robust and simple to use. Several of the best PHP frameworks, like Yii and CodeIgniter, and other programming languages, including Ruby on Rails, are integrated into the Laravel framework.

Since Laravel applications need specialized resources and customization to function appropriately, many developers struggle to locate the best hosting for Laravel. An overview of Devrims, a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform that provides Managed Laravel Hosting with security, many features, and round-the-clock technical assistance, is provided in this article.

What is Laravel?

The syntax of the web application framework Laravel is both expressive and attractive. Routing, caching, sessions, and authentication are commonplace responsibilities found in most online applications, and Laravel aims to make them simpler. Laravel is easy to use while offering powerful features for creating extensive, complex applications.

An ORM (Object Relational Mapper) and tools for building database migrations and seeders are built into Eloquent, a potent database tool with Laravel. New models, controllers, and other application components can be bootstrapped using the command-line tool Artisan, accelerating the development of the whole application.

If you are familiar with intermediate PHP scripting and PHP basics, Laravel can aid in your job preparation more successfully. Additionally, Laravel is in charge of the App's security. As a result, you may accelerate web development by utilizing all of its features.

Host Laravel on Devrims – A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform
A technology startup called Devrims has rethought what an adequately managed cloud hosting platform should look like. Through thorough re-engineering, they have created a robust, scalable, secure, and adaptable cloud hosting infrastructure for companies searching for solutions with unmatched value.

With Managed Laravel Hosting from Devrims, the deployment is easier to control and superficial. You can install Laravel on their lightning-quick dedicated cloud servers with just one click and forget about server management and configuration. They are available around the clock to help and direct you at every turn.

They offer seven or more web applications in their most recent iterations, including Laravel 8.3, which can be installed with a single click, and a variety of IAAS providers and Tech Stacks.

Why should you choose Devrims for Laravel?

A website hosting solutions aggregator called Devrims offers a cutting-edge Managed Cloud Hosting Platform that lets users host their websites however they see fit. They remove the headache of web hosting while providing unmatched security and performance, allowing you to concentrate on your primary line of business.

They have created a platform that gives users the freedom to select their server providers, launch as many servers as they like, select their tech stacks (LAMP / LEMP), instantly launch any CMS they want on their servers with a click, scale their servers at any time with a click, and more. Users also have the freedom to select the supported cache services.

As a result, Devrims is an enterprise-level Managed Cloud Hosting Platform favored by digital agencies, SaaS companies around the world, owners of online stores, and industry experts who believe Devrims to be light platform years ahead of the competition.

Features offered by Devrims

They offer a faultless web hosting experience with 30+ distinctive features on their Managed Laravel Hosting, powered by the leading cloud service providers in the market. A few of these features are listed below:

Dedicated Cloud Servers
Run the apps and software you want on Devrims dedicated cloud servers by the demands of your particular project.

Pre-configured Apps and Frameworks
By assembling the best combination of Apps and Frameworks, they have spared you the effort and expense of vetting each App and its corresponding Framework.

Advanced Firewall Security
They have installed firewalls, restricted access to the servers or projects to only authorized individuals, and otherwise safeguarded the servers as feasible.

Real-time observation
You may monitor and assess the use of computer resources, such as RAM and bandwidth, in real-time using the user dashboard.

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
The availability of the service 99.9% of the time is Devrim's main priority. You will always receive top-notch website uptime and performance, giving your visitors a flawless experience.

Caching in advance
Instead of being restricted to a particular cache provider, they allow you to select your cache services, such as Memcached or Redis.

PHP multi-version
Install and run various PHP versions for various apps hosted on one server at once. Because of their platform's absolute freedom, you can utilize any PHP version.

Several Databases
As their technology has been designed to be versatile, you may easily create different databases on a single server for a single application.

Countless Applications
You can install as many programs as you wish, depending on the server size.

Unlimited Number of Domains
No worries if a single application spans many domains. Add several domains and point them at your application with a single click.

Pay-per-use Plans
Choose the plan you believe is best for you or your organization and pay only for the resources you used in the previous month because their plans have no restrictions or commitments.

24/7 Expert Support
They provide the most approachable Laravel expert support available around-the-clock, seven days a week, to assist you with any hosting-related issues or queries you might have.


The ideal setting for hosting Laravel apps. For every kind of project, Laravel is a fantastic framework. I would strongly advise checking out Devrims - Managed Laravel Hosting if you are a developer wanting to leverage a framework with Laravel.

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