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The "C# Workshop" book review.

Hello everyone. I am Ankur Mulasi working as an Acquisition Editor at Packt Publishing. This is regarding a marketing activity that we are doing for our title -"The C# Workshop ".
We are looking for your honest unbiased review on for the title "The C# Workshop " which will be published on Amazon in July 2022. We are reaching out to a wider group of free reviewers to seek their genuine feedback on the book. We are contacting people who have the right subject-matter knowledge of the book’s topic to know how useful they find it. As part of this activity, we will be sending a free digital copy of the book to you and for now, the finalized chapters in the word format and seek your unbiased feedback about the book on Please note that to post a review on the book, you will need to own an account on along with the eligibility criteria of a purchase history worth of 50 USD in the last 12 months. Also, we might share the content in the current format (Word) as of now, but we promise to also share the final digital copy of the book with you. Would you like to receive a free copy? Please share your email id or you can drop me a message on my LinkedIn.

Ankur Mulasi
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