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Product Testers for AWS Certified Security Certification

Hello, everyone. Packt Publishing has been working on the 2nd Edition of the title on AWS Certified Security – Specialty Exam Guide. The first edition was published in September 2020 turning out in a good response from our customers which is why we are excited to publish yet another edition with more content to help candidates test their skills before they appear for the actual exam. Here is the link to the first edition of the book:
Being an AWS Certified Security – Specialty certified professional yourself, I would like to have your feedback and input regarding your experience of the exam which would help us make a better product and share with you the first edition which you could skim from a customer's perspective and provide us with your review after 2 weeks.
All interested people can comment on this post. Thereafter, I will be scheduling a 30 minutes call with my senior acquisition editor.

Thanks and Regards,
Ankur Mulasi

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