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Ankur Mulasi
Ankur Mulasi

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Free Review Copies of "React.js — Key Concepts" Book.

Packt is planning to publish "React.js — Key Concepts" this year.
As part of our marketing activities, we are offering free digital copies of the book in return for unbiased and honest feedback in the form of a reader review.

Here’s what’s included in the book:

Build modern, user-friendly, and reactive web apps

  1. Create components and utilize props to pass data between them
  2. Handle events, perform state updates, and manage conditional content
  3. Apply styles dynamically and conditionally to create a modern UI
  4. Use advanced state management techniques such as React’s context API
  5. Utilize React router to render different pages for different URLs
  6. Understand key best practices and optimization opportunities

If you feel you might be interested in this opportunity, please comment below or can connect with me on LinkedIn

[Please note: I would appreciate people from the US, but this is not mandatory.]

Thanks and Regards,

Ankur Mulasi

Acquisition Editor @ Packt Publishing

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