How often do you pair-program?

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How often do you pair program?

I try to pair program at least 1-2 hours per week, sometimes more, depending on the amount of work load.

It has helped me learn more, collaborate effectively and ease out of the anxiousness of someone watching me code over my shoulder.

How often do you pair-program? How has it helped you?

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Tough topic. We tried really hard to kinda force pair-programming to be at least 3 hours a day, but we failed miserably. Now it's around 1-2 hours in a two-week sprint, except code reviews.

I would love to hear your experiences.


Yes in my previous team even we tried to force pair-programming and it didn't work out. We learned from our mistakes and took baby steps to start doing it with half an hour a week to begin with, with everyone setting their own personal goals and had some training sessions around it too.


About one a week for 30 minutes. It's an optional to-do as part of my bootcamp and it has been beneficial in getting through the course material.

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