Why I chose Angular πŸ”§

Juan Herrera on June 24, 2019

TL;DR I chose Angular because together we make a great team. It provides a fully-fledged platform that takes care of non-functional requ... [Read Full]
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I worked with Angular for almost three years, and I think it's a great framework.

But after working with React, my main issues with Angular is syntax and modules.

For example, React is close to JS syntax as possible, but if your work with Angular you need to learn the specific syntax, and it will be only useful in angular.

Angular modules are confusing, although Angular CLI project helps to manage them.

I still think Angular is a solid choice for any big project


How is that syntax "issue"? Do you mean the use of Typescript? Typescript is not an Angular related language. From my perspective, there are no cons in the use of Typescript... it's all benefits!

What confuse you of Angular modules?


I mean template syntax.

*ngIf, *ngFor, [input], (output), eventEmitter

In React you only need to remember how to do {input}, in everything else you use plain js

Same goes with modules, in React you just bring your component.

Don’t forget the banana in a box ordeal


Great post! You just wrapped out the reasons of why Angular is my #1 choice when I think of webdev (or mobile dev, take a look at NativeScript).

If I could highlight one benefit from using Angular would be this: Coding is like human languages. Despite from speaking the same language, there are different accents, variations... etc. which does not help to have an easy communication. What Angular does (beside from actually working!) is force us (devs) to speak the same language the most similar way possible, this way we are all going to understand what's happening in every piece of any app.


I am new to the webdev world. At first, I thought - wow Vue looks awesome! It's got the best parts of Angular and React., AND it's open source not backed by any major corporation. Sweet.

Then the new API proposal came out. Ew. Time to switch to Angular! Bye Vue!


Angular is perfect for enterprise software. It favors Typescript which is about strong typing (a huge intellisense enabler). The Typescript compiler allows us to target any Javascrpt version.

Plus it's use of webpack makes it tops in frontend work. What's easier than 'ng g component mycomponentname'?


But somehow, most of us can't give love over React to Angular.


Really a useful blog indeed! Thankyou and Keep sharing!


Only picked angular because work made me. If given a choice I’d pick web components/ polymer or just react.

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