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Angelo Leva
Angelo Leva

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The importance of understanding english as a latino developer

Hi to all! This is my first post in :)

This is a litle post to talk about the importance of understanding english language for latino developers. I live in Lima-Peru, and work for an american based software business.

When a new job position is open and they want to hire a new developer, the first filter is the language(English). In Latin america our native language is Spanish, and the english level that our national schools teachs is not enough sometimes; so it is hard to find someone who has a good english level and technical skills.

That's why I write this post, to let latino devs know we have to improve our multilanguage capacities, learn new languages and understand that English is the base for programming, communicating and growing in our career.

When I was a kid I used to go to a Languages Center to learn english and sometimes you take it as a game, to meet new people and hangout. So specially young devs you maybe are in the school yet, you are starting your developer career, or you have an extra time free, take english classes! You will thank yourself in the future!

Hope this post is useful for other devs! Thanks for reading!

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Travel with Alina

I would strongly recommend to the new developers the same as you but if you allow me I would like to put my grain of sand in sharing some material in business English which I think is the most suited for this scenario in here you can effectively find the piece of info that can boost your English skills, cheers!

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