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I completed #100DaysOfCode...

Earlier this year, I started #100DaysOfCode through Team Treehouse and Github.

I focused on the Web Design course, as I was already involved in it. It took a ton of effort, especially when I felt like I'd lost all of my motivation.

It turned out, though, that I knew myself better than I ever thought.

In a tweet from not two days before, I noted that my problem was likely that I need to type along with the tutorial or it doesn't sink in.

This was during three weeks of mindnumbing torpor, but I finally finished on the seventh of this month and got my badge. I was ecstatic after all that bother about 'why can't I do this?'

I knew I could, I just kept forgetting myself. My next goal for this year is, of course, Hacktoberfest, which I've participated in for three years this October, and 24PullRequests, which I've been participating in since 2013, and preparing for by creating pull requests in my own projects to get out of the lamentable habit of publishing directly to master all the time.

My main concern is that since I didn't know I was learning HTML/CSS when I started using Livejournal in my senior year of high school, I never knew to read the documentation about my particular interests, much less about things I wouldn't learn for roughly eight years.

When I joined Foursquare, I had no idea that apparently, I joined with hackers, the stripes of which I still don't know. I guess I'm a grey hat, though this is mainly because I feel learning the techniques I'm trying to monitor wouldn't mean I would hand them out to horrible businesses like Facebook and HB Gary.

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