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Angela Whisnant
Angela Whisnant

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Practice Makes Perfect

Coding student here! I am studying Web Development with the Web Developer Bootcamp on Udemy. I have learned so much! I am working with Bootstrap4 now and will be moving on to Javascript soon. The only issue I have now is, I need more practice. I am hoping some of you can give me some ideas for ways I might be able to apply what I've learned. Our instructor does give us some great exercises, but I feel I need more...I am also following the FreeCodeCamp course, which is helpful. Do you guys have any other ideas? Homework! I need homework!

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Michael Tharrington

Hey Angela,

Quick tip! If you tag this post with #help or #discuss it's likely to show up in more folks feeds as these are popular tags that are followed by lots of people.

Also, here's a helpful series about what to do after tutorials:

Hope this helps!

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Angela Whisnant


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Michael Tharrington

No problem!

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I got you, fam.

GitHub logo florinpop17 / app-ideas

A Collection of application ideas which can be used to improve your coding skills.

πŸ“’ App Ideas Collection

App Ideas Image

contributions welcome

Have you ever wanted to build something but you had no idea what to do? Just as authors sometimes have "writers block" it's also true for developers. This list is intended to solve this issue once and for all! πŸ‘

These applications are:

  • great for improving your coding skills πŸ’ͺ;
  • great for experimenting with new technologies πŸ†•;
  • great for adding to your portfolio to impress your next employer/client πŸ“;
  • great for using as examples in tutorials (articles or videos) πŸ“ƒ;
  • easy to complete and also easily extendable with new features πŸ‘Œ;

This is not just a simple list of projects, but a collection that describes each project in enough detail so that you can develop it from the ground up!

Each project has the following features:

  1. A clear and descriptive objective;
  2. A list of User Stories which should be implemented…

GitHub logo alinebastos / dev-practice

Practice your skills with these ideas.

Developer Practice

Practice your skills with these ideas.

Open Source Projects

The best thing for you to practice, and give back to the community, is to contribute with Open Source projects.


Lots of ideas.


Here some ideias of projects, challenges and coding interviews for you to practice.


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Angela Whisnant

These all look great! Thanks!!