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Best Practices for Using GitHub?

Angela Whisnant
Former Computer Operator at SAS Institute. Budding web developer looking for small projects to gain experience.
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Hello, Developer Friends! I have another newbie question. I am hoping to take on small coding jobs soon, fixing broken links, basic maintenance stuff, and I was wondering if it is ok to use gitHub for work projects. My initial feeling is that I should not use gitHub because it is an open source community, and I can see where that might be an issue for clients. I know that there is a private option where I can choose who sees and contributes to a project, but I still would like to know what best practices are. GitHub is a powerful tool and I am using it for all my personal projects. I would like to use it on collaborative projects I might do for a start-up of freelance work. But if using it isn't considered ethical, or isn't done, what is useful and acceptabe for project management and integration?

Please let me know your thoughts!



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GitHub, GitLab (especially if you're interested in progressing CI for the project) & BitBucket are all great SCM providers.

If the collaboration is already using Atlassian products (Jira, Confluence), I'd lean more towards BitBucket as it's native.

GitHub offers great integration with other development & CI\CD tools as well (Jenkins for example).

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Angela Whisnant Author

Thanks, Troy! I didn't know about GitLab or BitBucket...I'll check them out!🤓

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Daniel Benzie

Hi Angie

GitHub is pretty much universally accepted for use in commercial projects. You will be fine to use it.

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Angela Whisnant Author

Cool! Thanks!