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πŸ•΅ What You Didn't Know About AI Integration for Laravel Applications

🚨 Great news for Laravel developers!

We're working on a package called GptSdk that allows you to build AI features in Laravel applications in minutes.

What we know about AI features? In general, it should be a prompt and something that transforms prompt output into user-friendly results. That's all. But for every successful project, there are huge backend tasks: continuous updates of business logic, new requirements, and adapting to new market trends. Hard-coded prompts can quickly become a pain. πŸ’©

If you've encountered this problem or have decided to embark on your AI journey, consider trying the GptSdk package, available at

All you need to add AI features to your app today is to:

  • Install the library.
  • Create a free GptSdk account at
  • Define your prompt.
  • Add a small snippet to your codebase:
$gptSdkClient = new GptSdkApiClient(
    '<your api key here>'
$promptRun = $gptSdkClient->runPrompt(
    new PromptRun(
        vendorKey: VendorEnum::OPENAI,
        promptMessages: new ArrayCollection(
                new PromptMessage(
                    role: 'User',
                    content: 'Hello gpt! How are you? Reply in [[tone]] tone.'
        promptKey: 'hello_prompt',
        params: new ArrayCollection(
                new PromptParam(
                    type: Type::STRING,
                    key: 'tone',
                    value: 'angry'
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That's all! The next step is to enjoy AI integration and move forward in building great applications. πŸ¦„

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