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Destiny, The Game: Clan Banner Design

Here is a design I did last week for the Admins in my gaming community. They wanted to upgrade the Clan Banner for the game "Destiny", one of the best games of all time. They are planning to put the banner on a shirt and the leader asked if anyone had Graphic Design experience. I was not going to let this opportunity go to waste, so, I said what anyone would have said if they wanted to get more experience. "Sure wasup?".

We spoke about what they wanted and to improve upon the original design. I went into my handy dandy "Figma", a great free tool to create mockups and layouts and tried out a few things. I created the first two and then got his opinion. He told me about his vision a little more in detail. He then said, "Bro don't worry just work your magic if your gonna put this on your portfolio or resume".

When he said that, the constraints came off and I went at it. I created three (he doesn't know about the last two) and I showed him the one I really enjoy the most. He was ecstatic and joyful and I felt like he wanted to pop out of my laptop. I was thrilled that he liked it that I didn't think to tell him about the other two.

He is now getting the opinion and approval of the other admins. Hopefully, I will be able to show off the design on the shirt in the future.

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