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BFF's Docs

Yesterday, I ran into the documentation on BFF's. You may be thinking, "I have one of those!" and "Do they really have documentation!". You may or may not be wrong and yes if you are thinking in the terms of technology. When I say BFF's, I am talking about "Backends for Frontends". What? If you are thinking what in the world is that you are not alone. I went into the article thinking I was going to learn about having a "Best Friend Forever"(Not Really).

Backends for Frontends is the concept of creating backend services that are to be used by specific frontend interfaces. So to put it in plainly, if you have a desktop web app and an iOS mobile application you would use separate backend services to handle each frontend application.

When I was reading this I thought it was a really good idea but I do not have any experience with this to know for sure. If this piques your interest you can find the docs here:

Have you ever worked with BFF's and if you have, how has your experience been? What would you consider the pros and cons of this approach?

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