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Sometimes it's the little things (3rd PR).

The Night of PR's Past

In the month of October we are participating in Hacktoberfest. For my third pull request although it wasn't labelled for the competition, I decided to choose the Open Air Quality main website. In the past, I worked on the API that functions behind the scenes and removed some commented code from it.

I decided to look again and see if there was another issue to work on but in a different repository for the same project. Doing so I found a very recent issue regarding one of the front end components of the application.

Doing Some Digging

To fix this, I went into previous commits and PR's to see which files had been worked on for similar tasks. The bug was concerning the "comparison tool", and so I looked for commits and pulls saying they worked on compare/comparison features. By doing this I was able to find which file had the error. I had a strong feeling that since the issue was new, it may have been a more recent commit that made the spelling change.

The fix itself was rather simple so I did not run into problems since the issue raised was a misspelling of "correlation" in the UI, but only in that 1 spot in that 1 file. Naturally I had a peek at the other files to make sure nothing else was spelled wrong by maybe even the same person.

Committing The Changes

I cloned the app, made the issue branch. After changing the mistake I committed, and made a Pull Request on GitHub.

It was a good experience contributing to Open-AQ again in some way!

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