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Its Sunday, are you coding?

andrewbrown profile image Andrew Brown πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ ・1 min read

Its Sunday, I get a call. Timelines have changed, new demos are scheduled. Most people are mad when work calls them on the weekend. When I get the call, it feels like the bat signal and I jump into action.

I code every single day. This works for me because I'm a workaholic. I would be unhappy, not coding.

My question to you, do you normally code on a Sunday?

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Yes, I code most Sundays


I find that the context of the week-end lets me really relax and code at a slower pace. It's also when I work on smaller & weirder projects like the one I wrote about today:


I code every single day. For me every new line of code is a invention and it gives me a sense of pride (also I dance when my code works πŸ‘·).


It's a good thing my code doesn't work often because I'm a bad dancer


Yes. At least 1 hour minimum regardless of any holidays


Sure thing, Sunday is just another day and I have no friend to meet and hang around with.


The only friends I need are clang, vim and &&


I quit my job so I have to prepare for the interview game again...ugh.


Select every other letter from the alphabet and then write an api that scrapes an online dictory for all the valid words that match the remaining letters. Solve it using O 1 space complexity. lol

During my last job search, one of the take home assignments from a company was to write a REST API that returns "Hello World!". That was literally all the instruction that was given. When pressed for more details, I was told to think about a design which would be easy to expand upon in the future and other cliche directives. I still have no idea what exactly they were looking for, it seems like a sarcastic comment or a cruel joke that went way too far.

I like when companies have challenges where you have to hack a web-app or send your rΓ©sumΓ© via an API endpoint in a specific format.


No, I'm not coding most Sundays


no. i am not coding on sundays. i am not usually coding outside work at all. at work i create. at home i mostly consume. read stuff, watch courses or create other type of content. but not coding. very very rarely.

and of course i do sports and spend time with kids and wife.
no coding. sorry. Β―_(ツ)_/Β―


Hi, i don't work on weekends for my job. I don't answer phone calls or emails either. It's a set of boundaries that are healthy (and particular normal) for me. I work on the time i have agreed upon in a contract.


I like to program. It's why I am paid to do it forty hours a week. To do even more would leave me with less time for life.

I would become irritated if called on a Sunday. Work does not own that time.

If it's not an emergency, it can wait.


I don't often code on weekends anymore. If I do, it's a personal project.

I never work on weekends. My priorities include having a balanced life, and work is only part of life.


This is interesting as my attitude has always been "work is life"

I've heard of people with that mindset. Personally, work is just something I'm good at that pays well enough to fund the part of my life that matters more to me.


It varies for me. I try to limit it and use the weekend as family/me time. Some weeks "me time" involves coding, other weeks it does not.


I don't. And I'll confess I'd like to. But weekend is for the kids


I think it's important to relax. I may do a few hours on a weekend, but mostly my weekends are my downtime to unwind.


No, I’m no coding saturdays too. I work for code at 13 years. In the moment I preferer enjoy my weekend with my friends or watching a series/movies on Netflix.


No. I spend time with my children. I go hiking, or climbing, or weightlifting.

Workaholism is neither healthy nor admirable. It leads to this industry's fetishization of long hours for low pay, crunch time, late-nights and the belief one has to sacrifice every minute of free time to perform in this career. This leads to burn-out and poor mental and physical health.


I choose to be a workaholic, it is what works for me and is healthy for me.
What you choose to do is your choice.


I wish, but I'm ever too busy with my kiddo and that's time to spend with the family... I might do some writing or 3D printing, but coding requires a lot of concentration and that is very hard with small kids around


I have a 1 month and 16 month year old.
I'm use to being interrupted on average every 1.5 hours.
I am incredibly fortunate to work from home and have my own business.


I've been programmed to think that if you're not coding/working you're not producing, and if you're not producing you're wasting time and you're going to die alone and broke.

But between school and work I'm coding most days.


I usually play around with a jsfiddle at least once a weekend. By I try to separate my time and focus on being more outside during the summer months. During winter I might start a whole project and not stop over the weekend.


coding is nonsense work, working is also nonsense, the best thing to do is to do nothing.


Reminded me of nihilists from Lebowski


No, and it's a bad habit to fall into. This is why it's important to be paid hourly. This way, you won't mind as much.
Saturdays I go biking or snowboarding but Sundays are for personal projects and chores, usually.


Yes, I came to play around with re-agent and clojurescript for the first time and the experience is very nice.

Sunday is mostly exploratory stuff.


Closure script is legit πŸ’― πŸ’― πŸ’― πŸ’―


Depends...I'm usually writing but depending on who's home (husband or son) and what the the weather's like I code or just try to reassure myself that there are 6 other days in the week.


Finishing my Advanced Javascript course and then working on a new React project! I code everyday too, or at least do something coding related everyday.


Yes, I code on Sundays because it's a working day her ein Israel 😝


Yep, flexed my Java muscles a bit yesterday:


Nothing outstanding, just needed a review.


Not every Sunday, I visit my parents those days and try to not thinking about code.


Yes, but not every Sunday.


Stuck and I already spend the majority of my weekend trying to figure it out. Think I'll just relax and enjoy the last bit on weekend I have.


I usually spend Monday debugging Sunday's code.


Yeah, i code everyday :)


Last 5-7 month, I code every Sundays.