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If you were the new CEO of Amazon Web Services what would be your first executive order?

andrewbrown profile image Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 ・1 min read

Andy Jassy who is the current CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is going to be the new CEO of Amazon. It's uncertain who will be next to the CEO of AWS.

If you could have full control of AWS what would you decree?

I would add a Dark Theme to the AWS Console.

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Aaron J Spetner

AWS Snowblower: Move files from on-prem to the cloud using a swarm of drones.
AWS Hot Tub: A much better name for Aurora Serverless's "warm pools"
AWS Interstellar: New regions in the Alpha Centauri and Sirius systems to eliminate downtime in the event the sun unexpectedly explodes.

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Jason C. McDonald


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Yaser Al-Najjar

I would use AWS and avoid any other cloud provider just if they:

  1. Simplified AWS like DigitalOcean (better UI and UX).
  2. Made monthly cost calculation easier (before using any service).
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Dustin Krysak

Labbing improvements. An optional setting where you can shut down all cost infrastructure based on a $ amount. Projects like gcp (deleting a project deletes all infra/cost), and a "reset all" at the AWS account level. This all makes it easier to learn and protect yourself from a mortgage sized bill as someone who is new to the platform. Reduces financial risk.

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Ibrahim Cesar

For me is easy: Effectivelly immediatelly uniform all product names to AWS X and drop the Amazon/AWS cacophony. After that, I could take a breath and start to work

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Aaron J Spetner

Now you're just being silly.

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Ariel Costas

I know it should be only one, but these are all what I'm asking AWS

  1. Fix the fkn console's UI
  2. Remove the AWS/Amazon name mixing, keeping only Amazon.
  3. Make cost calculations simpler.
  4. Add better ways to prevent 60k$ bills, like having a "circuit breaker" that when you exceed X monthly expenses all services are shut down and an email is sent to you.
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As AWS CEO, I would split AWS into several companies. AWS, AI/ML, Gaming, Mobile/IoT, Media, and Business. The issue isn't features and product offering but too many of each. Most of us use a dozen or more of the common services and don't need the other specialty type services.

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They need to create a simulator services for AWS architecture, this is highly needed everytime we need to assessed the architecture and its expenditure before the actual dev work is implemented... Something similar to this but absolutely free.

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Aaron J Spetner

Eliminate the mandatory 12 hour (regardless of last activity) sign-out of the AWS console. Too many times I'll log in at 11:30pm to take care of something. Then the next morning I'm still logged in and I am working on the console when BAM at 11:30am I am automatically logged out regardless of what I was doing at the time.
The same issue exists with Cognito, although the timeout is customizable.

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Luke Westby

Get all those machines running on solar and wind

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Cas Hoefman

Massive wage increases.

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hire you.

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I would apply these changes:
-Stop changing the names, icons, UIs, every day.
-Making the documentation more simplified and less scripted, and replacing the scripts with visual method and actual environment demo.
-Centralize and simplify the cost dashboard and alerts throughout the whole ecosystem

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Serhii Vasylenko

I would hire someone to proofread and validate the naming for the new services.
I love AWS, but "DevOps Guru"? Really? 🙃

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andreas vallberg • Edited

developers, developers, developers

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Please abolished extra service charge on EC2 😡😡😡

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I would move AWS to Azure cloud.

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ifechukwu daniel

And they should work on their UI and documentation it feels old school and too complex