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AWS Community Builders Program

I'm Andrew Brown πŸ‘‹

  • I'm an AWS Community Hero
  • I moderate the #AWS tag here on DEV
  • and I provide mentorship to the AWS Community Builders

AWS has an exciting new community program that you can be apart of that is open to all technical levels, the primary requirement is a passion for AWS πŸ’“.

In fact some DEV members here are builders such as:

So let me tell you all about it!

What is AWS Community Builders?

The AWS Community Builders (CB) is a cloud community program officially organized by AWS. The program is designed to support enthusiastic AWS community members by providing:

  • Technical mentorship
  • Exclusive networking opportunities
  • Virtual speak events

🧠 Think of it like getting special attention and support from AWS

AWS Community Builder Categories

AWS Community Builders are designated but not limited to a very specific AWS topic/category. The following categories:

  • Networking and Content Delivery
  • Storage
  • Containers
  • Machine Learning
  • Serverless
  • Gravitron / Arm Development
  • Data (Databases, Analytics, Blockchain)
  • Developer Tools
  • Game Tech
  • Mobile and Web Apps
  • Management, Governance and Migration
  • Security, Identity & Compliance

🧠 Focus your attention on a specific category of interest

Why would want to join the AWS Community Builders?

AWS Product Team Previews

AWS Product Teams are the AWS engineers who are responsible for building AWS Services and Products

  • Exclusive webinars with AWS engineers demoing of a preview of AWS Services, Product or Service Features
  • Direct feedback loop to influence developer of pre-release features
  • Opportunities to write / blog about preview features

AWS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

An SME is a person recognized with having expert knowledge in a particular topic eg. Cloud Security
Exclusive and early access webinar, Q&A and presentations from:

  • AWS Developer/Startup Advocates
  • AWS Product Marketing Managers
  • AWS Heroes
  • Jeff Barr 🀞

🧠 Fast track your AWS knowledge and gain unique community opportunities

AWS Promotional Credits

AWS Credits are the equivalent of US dollars that can be spent on most AWS cloud resources.
These AWS credits are provided to you to power creative community projects.

  • Accepted members will receive AWS Credits

AWS Networking

When joining the AWS Community Builders you are networked with all other active builders

  • Exclusive access to the AWS Community Builders private Slack Channel

How do you join the AWS Community Builders?

Step 1 - Apply

On the AWS Community Builders page, you have to click apply:

Alt Text

Step 2 - Choose a category

You need to choose your preferred first and second technical category. If accepted into the program you’ll be assigned to that category.

Alt Text

Categories help align applicants with groups so AWS can align resources to the group. Anyone in any category can participate in virtually every opportunity, so you’re not limited by being in one group.

Step 3 - Share your cloud story

Share your cloud story in 1000 characters or less to AWS

Alt Text

Step 4 - Share your Social Media Profiles

Alt Text

Step 5 - Share Links to Blogs, Videos, Events etc…

Alt Text

Step 6 - Fill out Survey

Fill out a very short survey about your online and in-person community activities

Alt Text

Program Requirments

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Open to everyone globally (with exception to countries under US embargo)
  • Applications are reviewed and accepted twice a year
  • There is no cost to apply or to hold membership
  • Eligible for all technical levels: Level 100 (Beginner), Level 200 (Intermediate), Level 300 (Advanced), Level 400 (Expert)
  • Technical accuracy and community engagement can be more important than technical depth.
  • Membership lasts for a year, and you must re-apply every year to renew membership.

I want to become a builder but I need ideas

If you are enthusiastic about AWS but have yet to build up any online content here are some suggestions

  • Submit a long-form and in-depth article to for publication
  • Create a cloud developer blog on and document your journey
  • Write short β€œHow-to” tutorials on under the AWS tag
  • Start a bi-monthly live-stream or join AWS live-streams and engage in the comments.
  • Start an email newsletter for your interested topic and send out consolidated weekly links eg. AWS Cloud Security
  • Start a technical podcast and publish on Spotify
  • Participate in the #100DaysOfCloud challenge
  • Start a LinkedIn Group for your specific topic of interest
  • Start a Youtube channel
  • Participate as a speaker at AWS User Groups
  • Teach a topic on a Twitter with of tweet-size lessons chained together by replies
  • Reshare AWS Developer Advocate content and bring in engagement

Once I’m accepted as a β€œbuilder” what am I supposed to do?

  • Join Virtual Calls
  • Participate in mentorship opportunities
  • Continue to share or produce educational and technical content
  • Actively engage with and help build the AWS community
  • Demonstrate continued interest in learning more about AWS


I hope that gives you an idea of the AWS Builders community program and I hope you apply and I see you on the other side!

Again here's the link to apply.

πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ

Get an application in before September 15th

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Michael Fasani

Hey mate, I appreciated your uDemy course btw, just wanted to say It think you missed a few links above?

In fact some DEV members here are builders such as:
Here: ^^^

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Davide de Paolis • Edited

yep. wanted to comment the same :-)


prasadkpd profile image
Prasad Lakshan

Thank you for sharing this valuable content

amirtime profile image


Can AWS or Amazon employees apply for this as well? Is there any limitations or conflict of interest if you make social media/videos/articles while you are working for Amazon in AWS team?

starpebble profile image

Live long and prosper, Andrew. πŸ˜€