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What Mouse Mat do you use for coding?

andrewbaisden profile image Andrew Baisden ・1 min read

I have been using the QCK Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad. It is like a knife going through butter it is just so soft and smooth. I have the large one at home on my desk and I have a small one that I can use when travelling. It is so much better than just using a mouse on a desk as it can scratch the surface and it is also noisy when you are moving it around.


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Not really what you asked, but I'll weigh in with my set up:

After getting used to track pads I eventually stuck with that. So I use the apple magic trackpad 2β€” and I really like it 😊.

I don't use other Apple accessories, but the magic trackpad seems a little more bang for the buck vs the other stuff which is also premium-priced but not as obviously necessary.


I have the same trackpad I need to use it for a week at least to get used to it. I bought it at the same time I bought the mouse and rarely used the trackpad after that πŸ˜…


I've gone through different periods of "what feels most natural"

I have the magic trackpad thing and really don't get on with it at all. It's better than using the pad on my laptop because it's a more natural movement to move my hand to the side of the keyboard than to beneath the keys, but I find it frustrating and unnatural whereas a mouse feels OK to me.


I use the Steelseries mat in the cover image πŸ˜„


It's my actual desk and setup not a random Unsplash image this time 😁 Does yours get dusty too like mine does? I sometimes wash it in the sink I hope that it does not damage the surface the amount of dirt that comes out is unbelievable.


Yeah, mine does too. It's a great mat, but it's true that it absorbs a lot of dust/dirt (in my case, more in the corners).
I especially like its large size.


Funniest topic ever :-) ... I use the back of an old physics syllabus as my mouse mat, and then to prop up my monitor (or make it higher, actually) I use 2 scuba manuals. Whatever works! :-)


I use this one from Aukey. Huge and cheap.



Same one that I have, great to have such a large work area!


Wow mine is large and yours makes it look small 🀣 Amazing.


Unrelated question, keyboard model, keys?


It is an old Aukey model. I looked for it on amazon again and did not find it there.
The keys are PBS double shot, maybe this model.
But keyboard + keys did not cost more than 50 bucks in total.

My keyboard looks a lot like this.


That's less of a mouse pad and more of a capybara pad.


Since I started using laser mice years ago, I actually haven't cared very much about the surface my mouse is on. I don't know if that's bad or not, but it's how I've handled things lol.

At work though, it may not make much difference. I currently have a desk that's a bit smaller, so all of the space has become multipurpose pretty much and I'm just careful to not leave any spills/condensation or crumbs on it (although that last bit is kind of in my nature anyway).

I do still sometimes wonder if I should get one though... πŸ€”


Old A4 print paper folded at half and taped down using masking tape :) It was a temporary fix to the shiny table surface... more then a half year ago :/


Oh this has to be seen to be believed lets see a picture 😁


No prob. How can I upload pictures to Dev.to?

Just reply and click on that highlighted icon for uploading images in the image below. Then use an inline markdown image Markdown Cheatsheet


For some reason it is grayed on PWA. But in browser it doesnt.


I used no mouse pad until people started complaining while I was on Zoom calls πŸ˜‚


I'll weight in by saying that there is no such thing as codong gear (specially not mouse matts), and you should learn to use the mouse less to the degree of not thinking what mause matt is better for coding.

For the record, I do have a gaming matt that covers my desk, but I also work on a couch with no kouse or on the dinner table with out a matt, makes no difference.


What kind of mouse mat you use affects your coding success greatly :)

I use plain old $2 worth mat with microsoft standard mouse.


I have a Spigen "Regnum" "gaming" mouse mat. I like it because it's quiet, it feels nice on my wrist and it stops getting dirt on the mouse which happens all too often if I don't use a mat at all.

It's... fine.


Just upgraded to a Fender Heavy lol



I've been using the same mousepad as you for at least 4 years now. Love it.


A lot more dirtier version of the one that you are using ;)


Cool show it I am curious how it looks!


I have a desk mat because when you have lots of screens you can knock everything off your desk to get from one end to the other... Brilliant!


Don't need mats for my trackball mouse lol. Logitech M570 for any one wondering. Using it for nearly 7~ years.


Logitech MX Argo, the best to prevent carpal tunnel.


I use the glorious 3xl extended. It's pretty a pretty absurd $50 24in x 48in mat but you'll never run out of space for all that fortnite...I mean coding you are doing.


I use a CoolerMaster MP510, super solid thing, I get some solid glide and control using it.