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MY Top 5 youtube channels (code version)

andreanidouglas profile image Douglas R Andreani ・2 min read

As youtube replaced TV, for the most part, there are several channels that I follow that have great topics for developers in general, if you are starting or not.

5- justforfunc. Francesc Campoy is a really awesome Go developer that use to work at Google. His main focus is Go, but you can follow him even if you don't use Go, because he has a very straightforward approach and very good coding practices.

4- sentdex. If python is your thing, you definitely need to check out this channel. With a very solid way of teaching things, he can teach you from simple Python to Machine Learning using pure Tensorflow.

3- Jabrils. Between code, fun, and a brilliant charisma, Jabrils is not learning channel but can give you ideas for a lot of fun projects.

2- CodingGarden. This channel is pretty new to me, but the energy and knowledge of CJ is contagious. Worth checking.

Honorable Mention- noopkat. Not youtube, but live this time. Sue is a very cute Australian that develops most in javascript. She is responsible for creating one of the best APIs for dealing with Arduinos in JS (which you can see her maintaining live) and a lot of other side projects. It's a great fun for all your Sunday morning.

1- The Coding Train. If I give Dan a quarter for each time I learn something new from him, he would be a millionaire by now. This NY ITP teacher has a focus on creative coding, but he covers a lot of different algorithms in both JS and Processing (Java API).


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Viktor Strate Kløvedal

I would really recommend FunFunFunction too, he explains programming concepts really well, especially his "Functional programming in javascript" playlist.

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Anant Rungta

Hi, I also have a Youtube Channel, in which I discuss tutorials, and react.js projects SEO, SSR.
Please check it out and maybe we can collaborate on something.

Video :
Channel :

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Stan Williams

Thanks! Nice channels

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Palash Bauri 👻

Don't forget, thenewboston and FreeCodeCamp

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I'm having a very small youtube channel called vuelancer! Ďo check it guys!