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Listen Santa, They're Talking About PHP 😮

Just the Gist

As this article series is coming to a close it's time to look at what else is out there. So today we'll see a small selection of podcasts, blogs and YouTube-channels that are talking about PHP. If you know of someone that is talking about PHP, please chime in.


  • PHPUgly - A group of PHP developers passionate about the language (despite what the title may lead you to believe).
  • PHP Town Hall - Less frequent than PHPUgly but always interesting subjects.
  • PHP Internal News - A podcast that often brings up RFCs and the details of them, as well as other considerations that go into the development of the language.


  • PHP Annotated - A monthly blog about core developments, standards and some of the major frameworks.
  • - A blog that covers most things PHP, such as the latest versions to opinion pieces.
  • osteel's blog - A garden of articles on PHP, Laravel and one of the best introductions to Docker I've ever seen.

YouTube Channels

  • Gary Clarke - Gary covers the basics of PHP, design patterns and there's also a course for building a eCommerce project. But watch out! If you like Gary's style of teaching you may be learning Python next! 😉
  • Program With Gio - A channel that covers a mix of news and in-depth explanations.
  • - freeCodeCamp covers most of anything. PHP is no exception. You can find a 5 hour course here getting you from the basics to some of the OOP concepts. While you're at it, why not start that fullstack 7-hour course too?!

What about you?

Have you checked out any of these content creators? How did you like their entries? Are there any creators that I missed highlighting here that you feel should get a mention? Comment below and let us know what you think ✍

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grahamthedev profile image

As I am about to go back to PHP after many years (5.6 was latest when I last wrote it properly!) this is super useful! ❤️

andersbjorkland profile image
Anders Björkland

Welcome back to PHP! I hope you will have a good time with it ❤️