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Discussion on: All I want for PHP is ­čÉś

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Anders Bj├Ârkland Author

Yeah, WP has become huge with the features that was, not the ones that will be. We find other projects driving the evolution now. Send or Laminas was huge, and JetBrains has an interesting relation with the language. But there are so many other projects driving the evolution now. But WP was a major factor of driving many hosting services to support PHP.

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Fran├žois CHAUSSIN

I have no hate with wp, i like using it for cheap projects. I agree with you that PHP credibility comes from entities like zend, jetbrain, sensiolabs, php-fig..., who are helping to keep this language to be enterprise usable, and having a huge open source ecosystem (with mature projects like WP).
If WordPress is popular it is because it works on the LAMP stack, and LAMP stack is not popular thanks to WordPress.