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Dall-E 3 is Here! Text to Image inside ChatGPT

Imagine if the future of digital artistry involved not just a palette and brush, or even sophisticated design software, but a chatbot that understands and turns your words into intricate pieces of art. With OpenAI's latest reveal, that future seems closer than ever.

Introducing Dall-E 3, a next-generation art tool that takes user prompts and crafts them into stunning visuals, all backed by the brains of ChatGPT, OpenAI's renowned chatbot.

Dall-E 3 Demo

Dall-E 3 release date: October 2023

DALL-E 3 is currently being tested. It will be ready for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users in October. You can access it through the API and Labs later this season.

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The Birth of Dall-E 3

Building upon its predecessors, Dall-E 3 represents a step forward in the world of AI-powered artistry. The original Dall-E, inspired by a clever mix of the Pixar character Wall-E and the legendary artist Salvador Dalí, was groundbreaking when introduced.

It worked by ingesting vast amounts of labeled images from the web and other sources. Using a diffusion model, it predicted and rendered images based on the prompts fed to it. The results? Intricate, coherent, and aesthetically pleasing visuals that gained traction on various social media platforms.

But Dall-E 3 isn't just an upgrade – it's a transformation. The primary distinction lies in its intimate integration with ChatGPT. Through a conversational interface, users can now refine their prompts, thereby influencing the resultant artwork. This interactive feature is aptly described by Aditya Ramesh, the lead researcher of the Dall-E team, where he likens the experience to talking to a colleague.

Prompt Engineering Simplified

One of the unique challenges of AI image generation is the crafting of the 'perfect' prompt. These descriptions are crucial in guiding the AI to produce the envisioned artwork. However, drafting the perfect prompt is no easy task.

With Dall-E 3, this process, known as "prompt engineering," sees significant simplification. ChatGPT steps in, taking a brief prompt and enhancing it into something more detailed.

For instance, a simple mention of the "potato king" was expanded into a comprehensive instruction, resulting in a quirky and unique piece of art.

This synergy between Dall-E 3 and ChatGPT means artists can realize their visions with minimal hassle.

Features that Set Dall-E 3 Apart

1- Superior Image Quality

OpenAI reports that the Dall-E 3 generates high-quality images that mirror prompts closely, showing a marked improvement, especially when dealing with intricate or long prompts.

It also demonstrates enhanced proficiency in handling traditionally challenging content, like human hands and textual elements.

2- Safety and Bias Reduction

OpenAI has emphasized its commitment to ethical AI development. With Dall-E 3, the company has incorporated mechanisms to curb algorithmic bias and enhance safety.

It prevents the generation of art in the style of living artists or those portraying public figures.

Moreover, in light of controversies surrounding the usage of artists' copyrighted content, OpenAI has initiated ways for artists to opt out of their work being used in future model training.

3- Versatility in Interaction

The ChatGPT interaction doesn't end with prompt enhancement. Users can actively refine their creations, almost like guiding a real artist.

Gabriel Goh, another researcher from the Dall-E team, showcased this by initiating the creation of promotional posters for a fictitious restaurant. Dall-E 3's adaptability became evident when one of these posters was transformed into a signboard illustration following Goh's conversation with the chatbot through ChatGPT.

DALL-E 3 Examples (Prompt & Output)

Example # 1

In front of a deep black backdrop, a figure of middle years, her Tongan skin rich and glowing, is captured mid-twirl, her curly hair flowing like a storm behind her. Her attire resembles a whirlwind of marble and porcelain fragments. Illuminated by the gleam of scattered porcelain shards, creating a dreamlike atmosphere, the dancer manages to appear fragmented, yet maintains a harmonious and fluid form.

Image Output:
Blackbackdrop Square

Example # 2

A 2D animation of a folk music band composed of anthropomorphic autumn leaves, each playing traditional bluegrass instruments, amidst a rustic forest setting dappled with the soft light of a harvest moon.

Image Output:

folk music band composed of anthropomorphic autumn leaves

Example # 3

Photo of a lychee-inspired spherical chair, with a bumpy white exterior and plush interior, set against a tropical wallpaper

Image Output:

Photo of a lychee-inspired spherical chair

Example # 4

An illustration of an avocado sitting in a therapist's chair, saying 'I just feel so empty inside' with a pit-sized hole in its center. The therapist, a spoon, scribbles notes.

Image Output:

avocado sitting in a therapist's chair

Example # 5

An illustration of a human heart made of translucent glass, standing on a pedestal amidst a stormy sea. Rays of sunlight pierce the clouds, illuminating the heart, revealing a tiny universe within. The quote 'Find the universe within you' is etched in bold letters...

Image Output:

human heart made of translucent glass

Dall-E 3 vs Midjourney

Example # 1

Example # 2

Example # 3

The Competitive Landscape and the Future

The unveiling of Dall-E 3 arrives at a time when the domain of AI image synthesis is witnessing significant activity. Competitors like Midjourney and Stability AI are incessantly refining their models, keeping the pressure on OpenAI.

OpenAI plans to make Dall-E 3 available to premium ChatGPT users soon, extending its reach to research labs and API clientele subsequently.

Furthermore, in light of concerns regarding the potential misuse of image-generating technologies, OpenAI has integrated safeguards against the creation of inappropriate content.

Efforts have also been doubled in "red teaming" – a process where researchers test the system's boundaries to ensure they remain robust against misuse.


Dall-E 3's introduction heralds a future where AI and human creativity collaborate more seamlessly. With ChatGPT's integration, artists, designers, and even everyday enthusiasts can now engage in a conversational dance with AI, leading to the birth of intricate and refined artwork.

The potential applications are endless, and it's thrilling to speculate where this collaboration might lead in the future. One thing is certain: the world of AI artistry is evolving, and Dall-E 3 is at its forefront.

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