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Open Source projects that I’ve been contributing

On the last two weeks I’ve learned a lot about contributing in open source projects.
Two of the projects that I’ve been contributing is the largest UI library and Fig an autocomplete extension used for terminal.

Material UI Library (MUI)

As an open source project Material UI, recently developed their new version Material UI 5, they include a lot of new features but also currently have a lot of bugs specially related to Typescript. One of the bugs I’ve tried to solve is related to customize FormHelperTextProps component, on this issue I’ve been learning a lot of how Customization works on Material UI components and Typescript, still haven’t found the solution but I think is related to a type. After reading a lot of similar issues and documentation I have a better idea of what’s going on, hope I’ll fix it soon.

Fig MacOS terminal extension

Fig is an open source extension developed to autocomplete cli commands, currently it supports Git, Npm, Yarn, Brew, Docker, etc. I’ve been working with this extensions for 4 months and it helps me a lot. The last project I’ve worked on used Java and while I was using Fig I noticed that it doesn’t support Spring, so I decided to start working on the Spring CLI autocomplete.

It’s hard to contribute on open source projects, specially when you don’t take your time to understand the issue.

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