Upvote Reactive Resume on Product Hunt!

amruthpillai profile image Amruth Pillai ・1 min read

I've never wanted anything more than to be on the front page of Product Hunt. I'd really love it if I could make that dream a reality, and I did whatever I could to make a good product, but I don't have the rockstar fan following to make it happen.

If you have an account on Product Hunt, please help by upvoting, it would just take a second but it would mean a whole lot to me :)



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Hi Amruth.

Who made this amazing demo video for Reactive Resume?


Would love a referral to the person.

Or, If you made it … what tools did you use?

very nice!


Hey there, thank you so much! :)

I made the video, it was really simple actually. I used Camtasia to record and edit the videos. The overlays were a part of the Camtasia's in-built templates, just modified them a bit and copied them for all the feature slides. It's a really powerful software, I'd recommend it for sure!

The music, I don't remember quite well, but I think it's from bensound.com? But any royalty-free music should do you good if you plan to put it on YouTube.


You are never going to be in the front page with a month old submission, you need to get there during the day of your launch.
The product is very good, but sometimes good products don't get traction on PH, there is a lot of luck and leveraging existent audiences involved.


Is time also a factor? I didn't know :( I know, it's really difficult to get on the front page on ProductHunt. I've tried it for some time now, but this was the only time I thought I had a product good enough. But even then, no luck.