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Minimalistic Hacker News Speed Redesign using Figma

amruthpillai profile image Amruth Pillai ・1 min read

I was experimenting with this thing called speed design. It's basically an entire video where you record yourself designing or developing something, which seems to be a lot better than the alternative that is having to record a video with my voice overs, considering that I'm very conscious about my voice 🙈

It's difficult to be patiently working on just one thing the entire time, knowing that whatever you do is being recorded, but the experience was fun and the end result seemed a lot more fruitful than the making.

Anyway, this could be the first of many... or the last. I have no clue. Here's my latest upload on YouTube after a million years:

I didn't use many resources here:
just a few icons from Ant Design,
Figma, the awesome-est design tool,
and the beloved Hacker News homepage

I just wanted an overview of my design process. Usually, I'm a lot more haphazard and unstructured than this, but every mind is unique :)

Let me know what you think... or don't. 😅
Thanks for reading :)

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