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I rebuilt my personal portfolio using GatsbyJS, and I'm loving it!

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It's been about 4 years since I started my project, Resume on the Web, where I created a website that portrays who I am and my ever-changing personality. Every once in a while, I revamp the whole thing using new technologies so that I keep myself updated with the latest and greatest, and also gives me a creative outlet to experiment with new design ideas.

This year, I kicked it up a notch by revamping the design of the old boring two-column resume look, to something a lot more vibrant, responsive and effective. I'll keep my words to a minimum and let the website do the talking :)

Introducing, the brand-new, Resume on the Web:

For those who want the technical deets, this version is built with GatsbyJS, a static-site React framework that I wanted to explore recently, as well as Tailwind CSS for the uber-cool utility classes.

As always, the source code for the project is available on GitHub here: https://github.com/AmruthPillai/ResumeOnTheWeb-Gatsby

Please do let me know if you liked it as much as I enjoyed making it! :)

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Absolutely mad, it's super neat, great work!

I however have two keypoints that could improve your portfolio.

1: The header ease-in animation is kind of too slow. Make it faster, tops 1.25sec total for it to be finished

2: SEO: For seo purposes, add a h1 tag at start of the site, i.e just below your header intro.

This shows that the first h1, if any, is a hidden one thats not even a size of a h1 and also has wrong content within it.

See the right side of the attached image.


> document.querySelectorAll('h1').forEach(e => {console.log(e)})
> VM1631:1 <h1 class=​"text-4xl pb-2">​I'm pretty fluent in Englis​</h1>​
> undefined 

Oh, wow. Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. I will definitely look into it and make the necessary updates. SEO is very important.

It really means a lot that you went through my site with such detail.
Thank you very very much :)