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All you need to know about React Native

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework developed by Facebook. React Native provides full capabilities for building integrated applications that are similar to applications that are programmed using custom programming languages such as Java or Swift. In addition, the basic user interface (UI) building blocks used by iOS and Android are also used by React Native.

The difference between React Native and React?

React Native is not a different version of React. Rather, it is a development dedicated to React, as is the case with React Dom. Where React Native uses Native components instead of Web components, as is the case with React. Whereas web components usually produce applications with simple capabilities called WebView Apps, unlike the (Native) components that create applications like applications that are built using programming languages dedicated to developing mobile applications such as Java and Swift.

However, to get started with React Native, you first need to study and learn the basic concepts of React. Such as the JSK, the Components, the State, and the Props. And if you already know the basics of React, you still need to know the things specific to React Native, such as the (Native components). In general, I am used to using React in the Web. You will not feel strange when dealing with React Native, or if you are using Java or Swift to build mobile applications, you will not feel strange also when dealing with React Native.

Companies that use React Native in their applications.

Facebook, GitHub, Airbnb, Box, Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, Pixar Animation Studios, Twitter, Uber, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp

Features of React Native.

  • Cross-platform: With React Native, you do not need to program iOS applications separately from Android applications. React Native helps developers develop applications that work on iOS and Android by using one platform that produces an application that works on different platforms.

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  • Truly native: React Native provides the full potential for developers to build fully and perfectly Native applications. This makes applications designed using React Native appear as if they were designed in one of the programming languages dedicated to building mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms.

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  • Reloading: Instead of reprocessing or running the program to know the changes you have made; the application is reloaded directly. Where in React Native you have two options in the reloading process: The first is Live Reloading. Where the application is updated every time, you store the additions or modifications you have made to your files. The second option is Hot Reloading, where the application updates only the files that you have modified and not all the application files.

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