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Five Useful Git and GitHub Tips and Tricks!

The aim of this blog is to introduce you to Five Tip and Tricks that will level up how you use Git and GitHub in your daily dev life.

Amend a commit message

Made a mistake to the commit message?

You can simply amend it rather than resetting.

Amend a commit message

Save changes for later

Use the stash command if you have changes you are not ready to commit yet.

It simply removes your changes from your current working directory and saves them for later use without committing it to your repository.

save changes for later

Forgot the last branch name?

If you forgot the last branch name you were working on, then don't worry this command will take you back to the last branch you were working on.

Forgot the last branch name?

Who is the author?

Working on a code and have questions? Have a hard time understanding its author?

Use this command to know the author and the timestamp.

who is the author

Count your commits

Want to know how many commits you've made so far in the project?

Use this command

Count your commit

This blog is inspired by one of our Twitter threads that we post on our Twitter account. There are many threads like this; you should check them out.

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Vlad Hilko

Very straightforward and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!

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Saurav Jain

Thank you!