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Updated URLs to the new domain β™₯

Hey Everyone, I'm very thrilled to announce that the first version of my portfolio website is ready for everyone to see! Check it out at https://amorpheuz.dev/.

Donald Duck getting excited on viewing my portfolio

I am originally a front-end developer, who has been polishing his React and Gatsby Skills throughout the past year. But my current pursues of Data Science academically ended up hampering my progress where I couldn't find time for projects. At the start of the worldwide lockdown situation, I was determined to get at least a couple of projects completed during my time at home. The first one of those finalized was my Portfolio Website.

Throughout 2020, I started coming across more and more blog posts that emphasized Blog Post Syndication. And you know what, they sold the idea to me! I started researching various things from other dev portfolios/blogs to design systems for it. The recent Blogging for Devs by @monicalent acted as a reaffirmation of my plan.

I found the Terminal theme by @PaulieScanlon to be the perfect foundation for my plan and started working on the idea. Many developers go with building their portfolio from scratch. I felt it would be better to start with a solid base/starter rather than starting from nothing. It thereby highlights my ability to integrate with others with my custom touches to the base. What I envisioned was a website that gave the visitor a feel of editing his development environment, basically their virtual home. My portfolio is the initial interpretation of the plan!

As you might have noticed already, I feel developing a portfolio is a continuous process. The milestone I have reached feels a great stable before moving ahead, and thus I have decided to showcase it to get some feedback! Please do leave your feedback in the comments. πŸ˜€

Before closing out, I would like to post a mix of my long and short term plans on what's next for my blog!
Jafar unfurling a long list of items to the king, like I am to you

  • Enable Canonical URLs after obtaining a custom domain.
  • Start with syndication from my next blog post (Coming soon πŸ˜‰).
  • Develop custom components for third party content like DEV does with its liquid tags.
  • Improve SEO with further research.
  • Add support for the Hindi Language on the website, improve accessibility.
  • Customize layouts and GraphQL queries to fetch more custom data.
  • Add comments & interactivity to the website via serverless architecture.
  • Integrate Projects & activity with GitHub API.

Follow me on Twitter at @Amorpheuz to catch up on my progress! Once again, thank you to @PaulieScanlon for providing such an awesome theme. I am looking forward to what you folks have to say about it!

P.S. Here's a link to the Heart in the footer to use, as thank you for making this far. Open with your favorite text editor and change the fill values to modify its colors!

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Yash Dave


I develop awesome WebApps based on React.js, Gatsby and Pure HTML+CSS+JS. Also, an upcoming Data Scientist currently pursuing Python Proficiency.


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Looks very nice. While you are looking for hosting for your projects, maybe you can just add some images so people can get an idea of what you created. Or just some links to Github repositories. Overall nice job. I love the function headers! :)


Ooof! Linking the GitHub repos, it escaped my mind, aha πŸ˜…

I will be updating them with images and repo links until I figure out how to host them! Thank you for your inputs ❀


Very neat portfolio! I would recommend improving the home page layout a little or getting rid of it completely since your About page makes a good home page. I feel that your home page is too cluttered, maybe add some extra spacing to separate the different sections more?


I can see how the home page might feel too cluttered. I will look into better layout options and improve spacing to make the sections more clear! Thank you for your pointers ❀


Very original design, I really like the palette and the layout you chose! Gj! :)
Just a question: how are you going to implement the SEO? Are you planning to migrate to Next.js or doing it in Gatsby? I am asking because it is the last step that is missing in my website!


Thanks a ton! ❀

I will be sticking with Gatsby unless Next.js provides some significant benefits. I'm still researching on all the steps that I will be performing related to SEO, but here's what I have looked up till now:

  • I am following this guide by Google: support.google.com/webmasters/answ...
    • Eventually, I am planning to host on Netlify and so I will be using their new Sitemap Build Plugin to generate a sitemap and submit. The Gatsby Sitemap plugin is an option too.
  • Configuring a good robots.txt. More information can be found here support.google.com/webmasters/answ...
  • Mark URLs "canonical", Gatsby has a nifty plugin that u can implement here. These are important since if I post my blog to both DEV and my website, google will mark the content on my site as duplicate and won't index it.
  • A thing I have learned to improve my visibility on google is the correct use of Titles and tags. You should subscribe to the Blogging for Devs to learn more about it, as Monica Lent explains those in a very beginner-friendly way!

I will be producing a comprehensive blog post on what steps I performed once I am done with SEO 😁


Thank you for your detailed answer! Can't wait for your next post about these stuff, you gained my follo! :)


Wow, that dark theme are look so nice. I hosted my personal website on GitHub pages with GatsbyJS too (you might check it out at desenfirman.github.io ). But I still had problem on my post that not indexed by Google. Did you have any ideas on it? (Eg: plugin or more configs, or etc)


I'm still researching the SEO & deployment sides of my website. Here's what I have researched about and plan to implement till now:

  • I would suggest you go through this support section by Google on how you can make it easier for Google to index your site: support.google.com/webmasters/answ...
    • Eventually, I am planning to host on Netlify and so I will be using their new Sitemap Build Plugin to generate a sitemap and submit it. The Gatsby Sitemap plugin is an option too.
    • To mark my URLs "canonical", Gatsby has a nifty plugin that u can implement here. These are important since if I post my blog to both DEV and my website, google will mark the content on my site as duplicate and won't index it.
  • A thing I have learned to improve my visibility on google is the correct use of Titles and tags. You should subscribe to the Blogging for Devs to learn more about it, as Monica Lent explains those in a very beginner-friendly way!
  • I will be producing a further blog post too once I am done with the deployment and SEO side of things where I will be outlining all the steps I took.

Your site looks cool 😎! Skillful use of the typing effect I would say, love the animations 😁


Very nice portfolio. I am currently looking an .net core open source project to contribute to. Are you familiar with projects? Do you need any help with yours?


Thank you! β™₯

None of my projects are in active development right now, so nothing here as of now but what I would suggest you is checkout awesome-dotnet-core github.com/thangchung/awesome-dotn... it lists a ton of projects which you could look at for contributing to!


This is amazing. Like I love the concept behind all of it and the theme you went with. As people have said maybe adding a picture/link to the actual projects would be super helpful. Still doesn’t take away anything from the portfolio, great stuff man.


Thank you 😁


Looks great ! Nice design , would be very cool if some of the text had typing effect


One of my main goals with the site was having it load as fast possible, my current expertise(beginner level) with animations doesn't allow me to add any! I will be looking into subtle effects once I learn more. Thank you ❀️


I disagree - I think the typing effect is a little overdone XD But agree, the design of your site is lush!


Yup, I have been noticing the typing effect on a lot of websites haha! Thank you for the praises ❀️


Hi Yash, I loved it the way you show up your portafolio, the palette of colours, the layout, and the content. My unique feedback, it's not a technical one but I think it might help you to get a higher pay for your work. It is regarding the picture of yourself that you use. In my opinion, you can add a photo that show you more professional despite that you're young.
Remember that the recruiters will pay attention to keywords and... your picture.

Hope that it help you!


Definitely some unique advice here! Thank you for it. ❀ Adding it to my TO-DOs for the next time I am in more formal attire!


Congrats for this step!

The theme is good, but I agree with some comments about the colors. Maybe pick only 2 shiny colors and change the rest for gray or black variants.
Only my opinion.

Also viewing the projects in action can empower your code. It's very easy with jsfiddle, stackblitz or codesandbox!
Definitely you should pick that low hanging fruit.

Only some feedback, I really liked it. I might even take some ideas for my portfolio journey hehehe😁

Keep on the road!


Thank you! ❀

Yes, after all the requests + helpful tips about the projects, I'm definitely looking to tackle the project preview option as soon as I'm done finalizing SEO and Hosting. Feel free to grab ideas for your portfolio and do share it once ready!


Before I read the comments, I'm gonna add my opinion... first off good job on the portfolio πŸ‘. Who remembers color psychology?

The colors for the websites are not so perfect on the eyes in my opinion, just looking at it doesn't compell me to read. As a front-end jr dev who follows UX principles. The User Experience is very poor.
I dont mean to discourage you and I understand that you have been combered with work so you used a theme instead. Cause ik the headache when it comes to sitting down and planning your work; layouts, design, etc. Dont get me wrong the content is good but choosing colors are very crucial, colors are to attract potential clients and readers. You have to make them feel welcomed and compelled to read. In development it's not about what you like it's about who you are attracting.


I will be adding further theme switches to the website too in the coming future, a light-theme version which is preferable to many folks and easier on eyes is on top of my TO-DOs.

I will try to read a bit more about color psychology. As a UX designer, could you recommend some resources... the few I have attempted at reading left me more confused due to their abstractness than enlightened. Thank you for your inputs! 😁


Well for UX.. my resources are straight forward.

  • Instagram
  • Dribble
  • Google Search Engines

Key Components of UX for me
Observations - Observe how users in real time interact with websites and apps.

Principles - know the Principles, it gets you far if you have little to know knowledge.

Once your aware of the User Experience your good to go.

I'm glad to could help.

As Developers we are a large community and I think its good practice to highlight problems, mistakes among us and encourage.


Hey! I have just seen your resume in PDF and I really like it! How did you do it? Latex maybe? :D


Haha, I wish I were this good with LaTeX. I have known about it for a long time but never worked with it enough to get to know it fully. This is just a free Word Template I picked from the Office website templates.office.com/en-us/balance... with some minor edits.

I loved how it's minimal usage of colour where it isn't too fancy nor too plain, just enough highlights!


Thanks a lot for sharing it! :) Awesome portfolio btw

Thank you 😊


cool portofolio bro you design it yourself or what?


Thanks! The base components are from Gatsby-Theme-Terminal by Paul Scanlon, but I am steadily modifying those to my own liking as I build up increasingly on this. Structure, Colors, etc... are my own!


wow supa cool everybody use gatsby now thats why i thought i've seen this somewhere but i dont know which one exactly you use for design anyway great design


Hi, nice portfolio page... what I miss is links to your live projects or demos. Maybe that's intended.


I am looking at avenues where I can host those at affordable cost/free since most of them are monolithic apps requiring a database and business logic host. I see Azure as a choice since they have a certain free account which could facilitate hosting. But before I would commit to it, I would triple verify that I will not run up a bill since it would put me in an exceedingly tricky situation at home.

I would love to hear if you have some advice on how to solve this problem! Getting them hosted for visitors to review is something I would love to have. Thank you for your inputs 😁


I can also recommend Digital Ocean. Not free but you can set limits really well.

I have used DigitalOcean before, while I had some free credits. I loved how easy its UI was. I think understanding limiting usage on it would be the easiest. Thank you for your advice! πŸ˜€


Try Heroku and Firebase hosting. They have nice free tiers without credit cards.

That's awesome, I will check those out for hosting too! Thank you for your advice ❀


Wow! This is great, nicely done, congrats. I love how you explain the problem in your projects. Keep it up πŸ‘πŸ½


Thank you ❀


Cool portfolio, looks great!


Thank you β™₯


That's very unique Yash. Especially the headings with function braces


Thank you ❀️ it is one of my favourite effects!


Beautiful Yash. Absolutely beautiful


Thank you 😁


Awesome look and feel. Love the minimalist layout, geeky style and colors.


The geeky and a median between overly fancy & pure minimalist style was what I was aiming for! Thank you 😁


Really nice design ❀️


Thank you! ❀


ayeee! πŸ† thank you 😁


Really good stuff here man. As a beginner I can really take some notes.


Thank you! ❀ Glad to be of help!!


Nice work! I am following you now.


Thank you 😁


Thank you πŸ˜€


Great Portfolio ! I loved the terminal based approach !! This is a quite a good approach for presenting as a programmer.


Thank you 😁


Thanks for the shoutout, Yash :) I saw a bump in signups for Blogging for Devs today and traced it back to your post! Excited to see what you build on your new portfolio site πŸ”₯


No problem! 😁 It helped me out a ton with how I should be building up mine. Thank you ❀


Can you explain Abit on the development stage Such as frameworks you used and tools?


Talking a bit more about the development stage, my website is based upon the Gatsby framework. It is a Static Site Generator that has tons of benefits such as free/affordable hosting at beginner levels, speed, PWA support, fetch data from a variety of sources and so much more. They have an awesome community behind them which provides tons of support and plugins to make many complex tasks easier. The Terminal theme also uses Theme UI which is a library for easily creating awesome custom themes! It also relies on MDX format to make writing blog posts faster and easier without losing benefits of React Components.

The tools which I used during the development are:

  • VS Code my favourite text editor of all-time, has a ton of Plugins that are super helpful with my development workflow. Some of them are GitLens, ESLint, Live Share, Remote-WSL, and Better Comments!
  • Squoosh for optimizing all my images!
  • Coolors to help me decide on a colour palette.
  • GitHub Actions to automatically build from my development branch and deploy to GitHub pages. I use Gatsby Publish.
  • Line Awesome by Icons8 for the Icons. I love this initiative 😁!
  • Web.dev to checkout site performance and ensure compliance with different standards.

Finally, the DEV community itself has been an awesome platform, it has helped me solve tons of doubts with awesome blogposts, deepened my insight and all the constructive feedback towards the portfolio is the icing on the cake!

Let me know if you would like to hear more about something I mentioned. πŸ˜€


I loved the color scheme and the overall design. Nice work and congratulations!!


Thank you ❀


It is a nice one.


Thank you 😁


I love the design of your portfolio site.


Thank you 😊


This is very very nice. Congrats!!


Thanks a ton 😁