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WordPress Scheduled Backups by Your Hosting Provider

Site Ground

On the Security > Backups page on my SiteGround dashboard, you can see every backup which has automatically taken place–in my case they’re scheduled to happen every afternoon. At the top of the page, I can also trigger a manual backup if I need one right now.
Site Ground
For each of these backups, I have the option to restore:

  • all files and databases
  • files
  • databases
  • email

Automated backups like this are definitely a feature which you should look for when choosing a WordPress web host.

WP Engine

All backup functionality takes place from the same page in your User Portal, called “Backup Points”. To access the Backup Points page:
WP Engine
Log in to the User Portal

Select the environment name

Click Backup Points

Restore (or rollback) your website to a previous version:

Open in the Backup Points User Portal

Select a backup from the list by clicking the radio button

Backup is in server time UTC

Click Restore

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