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WordPress Dashboard

  • Home: Home is where you are now. It is the default page for the WordPress dashboard.
  • Updates: WordPress has frequent updates in the core software along with the themes and plugins. You can check the available updates and operate if available.
  • Posts: You can add general posts or blog articles from here. Most of the content on your WordPress website are posts. Additionally, add post tags and categories from there.
  • Pages: You can add pages like ‘Home’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘About’ etc. from there.
  • Comments: All the comments from the site users will be available here.
  • Appearance: Appearance in the WordPress dashboard is the vital menu. You can make complete control the design of the website via this menu. It includes themes, Customize, widgets, menus, header and CSS editor.
  • Plugins: Plugins are the handy tools for adding functionality. You can see the installed plugins and also add new plugins via this menu.
  • Users: WordPress supports multiple users. You can manage all the website users from this menu.
  • Tools: By default, it has ‘import’ and ‘export’ tool in this menu.
  • Settings: Another very important section in the WordPress dashboard is ‘Settings’. You can see all the site configuration options here as general settings, writing, reading, discussion, media, and permalinks.
  • Collapse menu: Well you can collapse the menu if you want to have the full-width for managing content.

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Ijaz Rafi

Superb job Amjad, keep it up