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React Native Video v6.0.0: A Comprehensive Update Packed with New Features and Improvements

React Native Video v6.0.0: A Comprehensive Update Packed with New Features and Improvements

The stable release of React Native Video v6.0.0 is here, and it brings an array of exciting features and significant improvements that are set to enhance the development experience and performance of your applications. Let's delve into the key highlights of this release.

TypeScript Support: Smoother and Less Error-Prone

React Native Video v6.0.0 now fully supports TypeScript, addressing numerous type-related bugs that developers encountered in previous versions. This upgrade ensures a smoother development process and reduces the likelihood of errors, making your TypeScript experience much more reliable.

Interop Layer Support

The latest version is compatible with the interop layer, which translates to improved performance across different platforms. This enhancement is crucial for developers aiming for consistency and efficiency in their multi-platform applications.

Notification Controls

One of the standout features in this release is the ability to control video playback directly from the notification bar. This feature significantly enhances user experience by providing easy and quick access to playback controls without needing to open the app.

Start Position Setting

React Native Video v6.0.0 introduces the ability to set a starting position for your videos. This feature is perfect for resuming playback from where you left off, providing a more seamless viewing experience for users.

New Event Callbacks

Developers can now listen for events and react accordingly within their apps. This addition is great for building more interactive and responsive media applications, allowing for a richer user experience.

AndroidX Media3 Integration

The deprecated ExoPlayer2 has been replaced with AndroidX Media3 in this release. This change ensures better performance and future-proofing of your app, keeping it aligned with the latest Android standards.

VisionOS Support

With the new support for visionOS, React Native Video v6.0.0 expands the possibilities for your applications on new Apple devices. This addition is pivotal for developers looking to leverage the latest Apple technology.

Opacity Control for Subtitles

The new opacity settings for subtitles allow you to control their visibility. This feature provides more customization options, enabling developers to enhance the viewing experience by adjusting subtitle transparency.

New APIs for Device Capabilities

Querying your device’s capabilities is now more flexible and controlled with the new APIs introduced in this version. This enhancement allows for better adaptation and optimization of video playback based on the device’s specifications.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Numerous bugs have been fixed in this release, significantly enhancing the stability and reliability of the video playback across platforms. Additionally, various performance improvements have been made to ensure faster and more efficient video playback, contributing to a smoother development experience overall.


React Native Video v6.0.0 is a comprehensive update that brings substantial improvements and new features, making it a must-have upgrade for developers. From enhanced TypeScript support to new playback controls and improved performance, this release is set to elevate the quality and functionality of your video applications. Check out the full release notes and start upgrading your projects with React Native Video v6.0.0 today!

For more details and to access the complete release notes, visit the official React Native Video

This article highlights the major features and improvements in React Native Video v6.0.0, offering developers a concise overview of what to expect from the new release.

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