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re: haha I think I have some more advice on that front although it will probably feel self-evident as you read it. The first 6 months felt like I was i...

I have a 4 months old baby and the last part of the title really caught my attention. Good tips BTW. What coding podcast you listen to?

Same here, I’d like to know what you listen to as well for these coding walks

Jaime has a page on his website where he mentions them:
Here is also a nice selection you can pick from:

Thank you!

As Serghei shared (thank you! :D) those are the ones I usually listen to.

Do you have any of your favorites that you'd like to recommend? :D

Apart from the ones listed on your website, I also enjoy listening to JS Party, Command Line Heroes, and Reply All. 👍

Thank you!! I've subscribed to all 😁 JS Party has some awesome panelists 😀

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