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Inspiring ideas for projects

The purpose of software engineering is to control complexity, not to create it.
- Pamela Dave, American compute scientist.

One of the good way to create jaw dropping projects is to solve existing problems in a better way. But how do we know the real world problems ? what methods should we use ? which tools are better ? Absorbing the tools and executing code/algorithms should be parallel. So in this article I am going to share some attractive and creative resources to light our brains to execute dynamic solutions.
Either we can create projects that are already done by others or create new project. Getting stunning ideas is what we wish for. Today let me mention some of the resources that will help in terms of project ideas and technology updates.

The following website gives the #website design ideas#. We get different design ideas from dribble. A place to explore different kinds of open source projects and ideas.

Another great way to create high star rating project is to read articles from different resources. Even we can contribute articles. There are many best places to explore amazing articles that will ignite ideas from our nerves.There are free adorable resources to read articles.

We have different kinds of jobs in any organization like manager, officers, supervisor, engineer…. But we have one end goal, “To solve problems efficiently with required factors given by organization”, its better to build real world projects even though it may be small, that`s is how we start. I found some of the eye opening conference and ideas from youtube. Off course all the following resources I mention are valuable but I really like the three hour conference by freecodecamp and Coding Tech. And coding tech provide best and best related tech idea.

Finally check this book(Become a better dev in 2021 - Hashnode), really helpful book published by hashnode, a great articles collections from experienced developers.

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