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How to: Integrating Firebase Cloud Messaging - Angular - ExpressJs (Create Firebase App)

Hallo, dear reader! I'm coming back today! So, in this series, which is a short one, I will going to show you on how to create a very simple web app with push notification functionality using Firebase. I will tell you how do I do it step by step since it is my first time using Angular and Firebase.

Creating Firebase project

Disclaimer: I've already had an account so I can't really tell you how to make one because somehow I just have it.

  1. Open firebase console. If you already had an account set up, I think you can just click here.
  2. Add new project. Image description 3.Give your project a name. Then click Continue. Image description
  3. I keep the Google Analytics enabled so I just click Continue Image description
  4. Select an account. I choose Default Account for Firebase. Then click Create project. Image description
  5. Wait until your project is ready. Then click Continue. Image description
  6. Now you're being redirected to your project dashboard. Image description

Creating a web-app from Firebase

  1. From your dashboard project, choose </> icon. Image description
  2. Give your web app some nick name. I don't tick the set up Firebase Hosting. Then click Register app. Image description
  3. Then you will see some code snippet like this below. You don't have to worry about loosing it because we can see it again later. Image description
  4. Now, let's just click Continue to console at the bottom of the same page.

Please do check the next post on how to connect your Firebase with Angular because I'll be taking you from the very beginning on how to create an Angular App.

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