New tools give pleasure (and think dirty)

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Hi, folkies.

Me have been thinking... about all the colors of the logos and the images of the brands of the languages and frameworks, libraries, and other software we use.

How beautiful they are!!!

But hey, listen, the panorama for the developer is still very poor... and I explain why. However, you have to be aware the marketing of the things is not the things.

1. Environments for everything. One group of coders for the app, another for the web (one for the front, another for the back), another for the "devops", another for the IoT, another for the data analysis, another for... Yes, this is the reality.

Developers are people that learnt to speak logical language with a machine. But each environment requires deep knowledge and understanding of the state of the art of each area. The result is that, despite having the skill that is common, logic and language, the path to become a web developer, mobile app developer, of machine and robots developer, are different. This brings me down a little, because this could (and should) be more standarized. That is why I bet for JavaScript (and, more drastically, for NaturalScript, an adaptation of JavaScript to natural language I personally made, but companies are into their own tools: Golang,.NET, etc. look, I do not want to fight, this is not a battle for me, Bill Gates, I am poor and I will not get out of poverty in this world of rats, despite I brought to these rats a fucking language to use logic no matter what background or skills you have, by vision and sound too, I won already, I do not need a rich person to confirm it with compassion, loser).

2. About diversity and competition. Having different tools to choose from should not imply a bizarre competition in which they use nasty strategies to block the "competence", while the rich people do agreements on how to keep them working as pigs in the farm, while they all (the rich) can take profit of all these workers they can afford, and have the good life over them. It has to be very easy to agree to block the poor people! It is easy when the law protects you, and your power, and your hegemony, and you big emporium of slavism.

But hey!!! You are the adapted ones. I only do software to reach the "heaven", and get free of such a nasty society.

3. Tools to confuse. Have you ever listened that thing of: do not reinvent the wheel? Well, the second part of this should be: reinvent it if the wheel is not circular, and the road becomes uncomfortable. It can be risky, but it will make you better thinker, coder, solver.

4. Hacked communities and brains. Yes, folkies. Each of us is hacked. Family, friends, neighborhood, education, tradition, country, culture, experience, media, knowledge background... we all are tied to many variables that condition our thinking, and thus our behaviour. To connect between people, you will need a bit of luck, or... well, you know, money. My advise: do not trust anyone, do not rely on anyone (if you can (and you cannot)). This advise tries to prevent you from being brain-hacked. But it is too late for you, we all know.

4. You are worthier than your boss. Logic is everywhere. Usually, a developer is a person whose ability to put senseful order to the things brings real tools that help others. Maybe, the massification of the profession made a devaluation of what we do. But it is important to understand that our toolkit is based on (and focused on) logic, and logic lives everywhere (even in sex and love, there is a logic, this can seem scary, but the fucking universe seems decided to remain as a logic place). Your boss may know how to manage a company. But you can do practical logic. In reality, creating and maintaining a company should be a logical process. This means that you are in the good way: the logical one.

Please, consider the importance of neuroscience and neuromarketing.

All that frameworks, and tools, and languages, etc. are part of marketing strategies. We seggregate things from the brain when we see these shits around.


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