Big data, mathematics, and social predictions, nowadays

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Hi, all.

Yes, maths are powerful. And we all are victims of it: 2 ears, 1 mouth, 2 eyes, 1 head, 1 gravity law,...

We cannot run from mathematics, because we are, we are mathematics.

Mathematics is an extension of logic, and so it is taught in the factories of the farm: (paid) universities (because University should be Free, but humans are only rats).

Even our thoughts, emotions and decisions are a mathematical product. This, in philosophy, is called determinism. But in Science, it is an old law of the universe, probably the oldest one.

Big data gives information about us, our habits, our decisions, our preferences, our actions, and how they evolve. In the world of Big Data, you, your very center of the whole universe, are just a mere variable.

delete variable;

We cannot run. And that information is closed to those who can afford it (, am I right, Mr. Zuckerberg?).

The current state of the world, and the current flow of information it has built along time, has stablished this scenario.

We are just a live function to disassemble. Strictly, this is how mathematical thinking see us. And it is, as usual, right. We are nothing but an encrypted function. That is why your brain is protected with a good bone structure: because of natural encryption.

Human times. Humanity is very busy trying to justify mutual slavism. Yes, there are good intentions. But human Economy (this is, the mathematization of natural and artificial resources) does not give a chance. We saw it in the last crysis, we can see it with the current crysis too. It prizes effectiveness, and damn, mathematics are too effective!

What if the effectiveness to anticipate masses behaviour is something real? What if it has been for centuries already? What if, with Big Data, the formula has been refinated, sophisticated, consolidated?

And what if the people that can afford the data to fill the formula, also are who know the formula?

Well, I will tell you what.


Because humans living in farms is real, but scabies with pleasure does not itch.


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