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I usually drink two cups of coffee every weekday. Then I start drinking three cups a day, and shortly after that, four. Then I decide that it's too much and go one or two weeks without any coffee at all. After that, I start with one cup a day and repeat the cycle all over again.


I think that coffee cycle it's really interesting and has some benefits :)


I never thought about it as being beneficial, I just want to avoid getting too hooked on the juice :D

Yes, that's one of the reasons to do a coffee cycle. That juice... It's very addictive haha


If I drink 2 cups a day, my health will start suffering. Jitters, stress, nerves, stomach problems. Some people can drink 4 or 5 cups a day, others can’t.
On a regular weekday I might have a cup in the morning depending on how I slept. And then, I might have a cup in the afternoon if I’m tired. But if I’m stressed, no coffee. (Tea or cocoa are also really good!)
Overall I’d say I have an average of 0.75 cups a day. I may go a week without a drop, and I may have 3 a day for a couple of days.

Listen to your body! It’s more important than work. If you see your coworkers downing espressos and Red Bull’s to get through the day, it doesn’t mean you should too. You can get as much energy from exercise, diet, habits.


I drink 0 coffee because i don't want to get a need for caffeine. People don't understand that i can function without coffee.. But i think that only proofs my point if you never start drinking it you will never need it.. right? ;)


I used to drink coffee (and tea) like water. It was starting to have health effects, so I've been trying to taper down and swap in decaf when possible. I still like having a warm drink available when at the computer, but having that much caffeine is not sustainable.

Right now I'm down to a carafe a day or less. That's maybe two huge mugs or four "standard" cups? I never know how to measure. I drink those in the morning before work, though. At work I stick to tea.


One or two, depending how tired/stressed I am :)

Usually start the day with a Nespresso, then maybe pick up another at lunch.


Nespresso isn't coffee ..... :p

How you get your coffee is up to you.


I used to say no - because I start my day with a double-espresso and that tends to keep me going. However, over the last few months my diet has changed a bit, and I've found that an espresso at about 3-3:30pm is useful. Not necessary, but certainly something I'm enjoying. Sometimes I swap that for a cup of black tea. I think it's more the idea of having a hot cuppa in the middle of the afternoon.

Apart from that, I just drink water during my working day.


None, mostly because I simply don't like coffee. I used to drink multiple cups of green tea a day, though I've recently stopped doing so since I finally realized that caffeine just makes me tired without helping me focus or stay awake at all.


Used to be a coffee fiend, and some days still am. Current research shows 4 cups of coffee a day is perfectly healthy, beneficial and safe. That is, regular cups of coffee btw. Drink it black all the way! Some days, I may opt for a cup or two of Death Wish Coffee, which has notably higher amounts of caffeine. I also rotate, after having a cup of coffee I have a cup of water, then maybe a cup of green tea. Growing up on coffee (literally, since about 5 years old), I find 2 to 4 cups to be optimal and more than enough, particularly if you want to avoid over-stimulation, increasing anxiety and sleep deprivation :)


Yes, I do. 2-3 cups per day no more or I would have a trouble hahaha


I was thinking about 6-7 about per day :) Of course for myself :)


I was actually wondering about that :) Can it be harmful to me?

it’s depends of each people, in my case I’m get very nervous hahaha


I always drink two cup of decaf coffee a day. Yes, decaf! I found it is much easier to drink without the buzz. :-)


I’ve been thinking about picking that up because the everyday regular coffee can be bad on my system. Does it taste the same?


It tastes the same and was pleasantly surprised. The good thing with decaf coffee is that it’s drinkable at any time. I only drink regular coffee if I need a much needed kick to wake up which useful after late nights or having children who wakes up repeatedly in the night!


H-H-H-How is th-th-this even a qu-qu-qu-question ?


It varies, depending on the weather and how tired I am in the morning. I usually drink coffee more often in the winter and cold weather than the summer, but typically only one 10-12 cup a day.


All day, everyday. 3-4 in the morning, 2-3 in the afternoon. Always black.


yes, I drink around one or two coffees a day c:


I usually have a minimum of three large cups on office days, but I usually cut it off at two before lunch on work from home days, and just drink lots of black tea.


I have a coffee when I get into work, between 8:30 - 9am. Then I'll have one at about 3pm. If I want more caffeine in between that I'll only have tea.


I was consuming 5-6 cups of filter coffee and 1-2 double espresso a day, but since it started to palpitate, I tried to switch to natural teas πŸ˜‚

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