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How to start preparation for JavaScript interview

Alicia Johnson
Hi, I have been working as a technical analyst since 5 years now! I love everything tech! I like to write and share my ideas of new technology, tools and software with everyone else.
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What is JavaScript?

Javascript is one of the most widely used web programming languages. It is mainly used to build interactive Web applications and games on the client-side. Even Javascript can be used as a programming language on the server-side. It is a complex, loosely typed, a high-level programming language based on prototypes and multi paradigms.

What does the hiring team look for?

In an interview that involves programming skills, it is not just about the Syntax. It's about realizing how to better use the concept (and syntax) of JavaScript to rectify the final problem.
How much do you functionally understand the language? How efficiently can you use these theories to solve real problems with the work?
How do you write the code (conventions for encoding, syntax, reusability)? Do you want to spend half of your life debugging syntax errors?
What is your process of thinking? How do you think of the problem, find a solution, and turn it into a working code?

Apart from this, they look for your communication skills and how much confidence you have while you are answering them. So, constantly working on both technical skills and soft skills is important.

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Now, below are some of the skills that you must cover before appearing for that dream interview:

  1. Javascript core concepts such as hoisting, closures, scopes (lexical, function, block), this keyword, prototypal inheritance, call-bind-apply, throttle-debounce, callback, callback-hell, etc.
  2. Javascript recent trends such as ES6 syntax, typescript, classes, arrow functions, promises, async-await
  3. Learn one framework out of ReactJS, Angular, VueJS
  4. Development and build process such as Visual Studio IDE, npm, babel etc.

Final Preparations for the Interview

Lastly, once you think that you have prepared yourself extensively, then try to look at some of the JavaScript Questions that have been asked in the interviews. These questions will help you a lot when you are in front of the interviewer and will make you seem confident. These are frequently asked questions and very basic ones too, so it’s always good to know their answers.

Moving ahead and depending upon the profile you are applying for, there might be a requirement of having extensive knowledge of Advanced JavaScript Questions . Preparing for one step ahead will gradually boost your confidence and make you aware of the many concepts of the language.

Have a thorough look at these questions before you step in for the interview as they will keep your memory fresh with the JavaScript concepts. Your comprehensive knowledge will reflect in the interview and will definitely help you land the job of your dreams.

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