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An open discussion on coping with unreached potential

So I will introduce the opening narrative to open the floor for discussion and layout a few observable obstacles but would love community feedback to better understand the true underlying and arch-arching obstacles that act as deterrents towards our maximum potentiality in our endeavors but also, tips, tricks, affirmations, and other advice that can be given that may help other better cope with these obstacles to help overcome them.

When you posit your ideal, large or small, conscientiously address it with cunning to further your potential success

How one might ask?

When you posit an ideal, you place yourself in an inferior position in relation to that ideal and that can be a rather crushing weight on your shoulders so you must have a multi-faceted answer to a simple question. How do you position yourself to tap into the maximum potentiality that may seem locked or untapped but will bring you to address a forward movement towards your primary ideal?

  1. You can simply have no ideals, nothing to strive for, nothing to do which is a bad answer. This leads to idleness, stagnation, and the deprivation of the main source of pleasure which is observed, perhaps consciously but more notably subconsciously as a consequence of observed movement towards the ideal you've placed value in.

  2. You can set your ideal beyond the capacity of what you know you can presently reach. This can act counter-productively, like a double-edged sword in a sense, it can allow for some forward momentum which will produce a rather powerful drive towards your ideal but if you set the ideal too high, you become a victim of your self-driven judgment towards the ideal which can lead to feelings of failure, stagnation, and inadequacies.

As I analyze this theory I will present further ideologies on how to address the type of coping needed almost as an inherent necessity to bolster your abilities and position forward in life.

This is an open discussion, so please, share your ideas and thoughts on the premise, a rising tide raises all ships, the more we speak on these topics the better we strengthen our depth of faith and constitution of character to not let these obstacles towards our ideals stop us!

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