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The dissolutive experience that confronts the technological revolutionary

The psychoanalytic and the unconscious bravery to venture into the depths of technological advancements

  • The oppression of different licensing types
  • The narcissism within that has yet been controlled (a paradoxical ideology, we are all dangerous individuals, but not evident that the dangerous individuals who can control their potentiality towards being dangerous is NOT the problem and instead I suspect it's the dangerous opposition toward the uncontrolled dangerous individual that will drive the unification of society forward.)
  • Finding unity within the socio-cultural environments of social-media and chatroom platforms/forums

The limitations of speech and contributions in developmental circles

  • A rising tide lifts all ships (an ever-evident ideology that has held true for hundreds of years).
  • Walking the line of social media and the rapidly changing landscape and the rules in which they're governed is a very important topic that should be a cornerstone to be addressed. Though I suspect at present I do not have a clear enough understanding of all the restrictions on speech and contributions to further expand on this topic yet.

Passive avoidance, the victim role, and repression

  • Terrible things happen to everyone, from childhood to adulthood, from the classroom to the chatrooms. I believe this to be a topic many people in the tech industry, among others, but specific to this blog site is one that is ignored and perhaps we can have dive down into the depths and explore if there is a legitimate reason to ignore such a truth.
  • No one person can know everything, trivially, everyone has something forthright with the substantial potentiality to be something unbeknownst to your own wealth of knowledge.
  • We are all victims, we all have to face the same wolf at the door, we all need to keep the same proverbial/sometimes literal tyrant at bay.
  • Why telling the truth pays off in the long term and lies only help to escape conflict in its infancy and will lead to inevitable conflict later on.
  • The victim role and the temptation to circumvent conflict in the short term and why it leads to unavoidable conflict long-term.

The important management of social relationships

  • Proper treatment of fellow developers, friends, family, and strangers.
  • The index of negative emotions: Neuroticism and its multiple sub-traits and its prevalence in the open-source community.
  • Owning up to your responsibilities that are fundamental to the success of the community.
  • The creative and the importance of openness attributes that are deeply rooted in biology that is not simply a plethora of surface sub-traits.

The Creative, trait-intelligence, and the ability to manipulate abstractions in a quick manner

  • Addressing the difference between narcissism and confidence.
  • Addressing your responsibilities as a creative (as the movement of innovation forward towards a more unified and fundamentally tolerable world).
  • Addressing the utility of manipulation and deceit, learning how to identify and address it in a forthright manner to not cause any more hostility than the usage of the utility will cause by itself.


  • We are all capable of dangerous things, we must first accept this as fact as we are the dominant species at the top of the food chain for a very specific reason.
  • We must respect the fact that simply because we are dangerous, it's a utility to be dangerous, not an implicative necessity to thrive in life but rather a mechanism to enforce the security of oneself in the future.
  • As I'm sure we've all witnessed, experienced, or been a part of victimization; this opens the door to what we all fear and look away from because of a biological trait deeply rooted to avoid certain types of conflict.
  • The conflict is that life is simply put, frail and vulnerable, much like the code that we write. I believe security is one possible route to global unification at least to some degree(likely as much as possible given a dismissal of one centralized system of power).
  • Lastly, I think there is important significance to realize that no matter your level of knowledge, education, or experience. You're still subjected to being vulnerable and so it's a necessity to realize the strength that comes from a forthright and just community. Cooperatively we sail off on rising tides, the lone wolf doesn't always perish to starvation, it perishes without a tribe.

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