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sysctlview 2.1

sysctlview is a graphical sysctl MIB explorer for FreeBSD, each object represents a parameter of the kernel, sysctlview can show the properties of an object and get or set its value.

New version improvements:

Click a column title to sort, example with "Name" column:

Added Handler entry (kernel function pointer to get or set a value) can be Defined or Undefined. It is useful to know if an object has a value and because the OID of a node with a Defined handler can be extended to pass an input.



2021-03-12 version 2.1

  * update: sysctl library to sysctlmibinfo2 2.0.1
  * update: menu link "Help -> Handbook"
  * update: handle NEEDGIANT like a normal flag
  * update: menu "Help -> Flags"
  * update: manual DESCRIPTION
  * update: menu "Help -> FAQ"
  * add: sort trees clicking column title
  * add: "[CLICK TO SHOW]" for value of a SKIP object
  * add: Handler entry in ObjectWindow
  * add: opaque format S,pagesizes
  * fix: indent menu "Help -> About -> License"
  * fix: delete CTLMASK_SECURE
  * delete: license.h, merged with
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To install the port (deskutils/sysctlview):

# cd /usr/ports/deskutils/sysctlview/ && make install clean
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To add the package:

# pkg install sysctlview
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To know more:

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