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bsddialog 1.0

The bsddialog project provides bsddialog and libbsddialog, an utility and a library to build TUI dialogs and widgets.
The version 1.0 is out!

% git clone
% cd bsddialog
% make
% ./bsddialog --msgbox "`./bsddialog --version`" 0 0
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Version 1.0 Highlights

New features: dynamic exit codes, new environments variables, generic buttons, startup theme file, --datebox-format d/m/y | m/d/y | y/m/d, other escapes for --text-escape, comments in --save-theme output file.

Important changes: --generic-button1 -> --right1-button, --generic-button2 -> right2-button, --no-names and --no-descriptions mutually exclusive.

The library has some API change (see CHANGELOG), feel free to contact me for any explanation.


2023-08-01 Version 1.0

    * add: comments to --save-theme output file.
    * add: blink, halfbright, highlight to --save-theme and --load-theme.
    * add:[f_]prefixcolor to --save-theme and --load-theme.
    * add: --datebox-format <d/m/y|m/d/y|y/m/d> to set --datebox UI.
    * add: --help-print-items (--help-status becomes alias).
    * add: --text-escape (--colors becomes alias).
    * add: new escapes \Zd, \Zk, \Zs, \ZD, \ZK, \ZS, for --text-escape.
    * add: env NO_COLOR, to set blackwhite theme.
    * add: $HOME/.bsddialog.conf startup theme file.
    * add: env BSDDIALOG_THEMEFILE startup theme file.
    * add: --left1-button <label>.
    * add: --left2-button <label>.
    * add: --left3-button <label>.
    * add: --right1-button <label>.
    * add: --right2-button <label>.
    * add: --right3-button <label>.
    * add: dynamic exit codes.
        - add: --error-exit-code.
        - add: --ok-exit-code.
        - add: --cancel-exit-code.
        - add: --help-exit-code.
        - add: --extra-exit-code.
        - add: --timeout-exit-code.
        - add: --esc-exit-code.
        - add: --left1-exit-code.
        - add: --left2-exit-code.
        - add: --left3-exit-code.
        - add: --right1-exit-code.
        - add: --right2-exit-code.
        - add: --right3-exit-code.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_ERROR.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_OK.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_CANCEL.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_HELP.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_EXTRA.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_TIMEOUT.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_ESC.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_LEFT1.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_LEFT2.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_LEFT3.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_RIGHT1.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_RIGHT2.
        - add: env BSDDIALOG_RIGHT3.
    * add: undocumented envs for bsdconfig(8) compatibility.
        - env BSDDIALOG_COMPATRC for use_shadow setting.
        - env BSDDIALOG_ITEM_HELP to add/set exit code.
    * change: rename themes --theme <3d|blackwhite|flat>.
    * change: --no-names and --no-descriptions mutually exclusive (via lia).
    * change: quote only checklist output items if necessary. Previously
        also radiolist item.
    * change: dialogs with user input print always values except with ERROR,
        ESC, Cancel. Previously the situation was quite heterogeneous.
    * improve: DIAGNOSTIC messages adding fmt string errors.
    * improve: disable theme setting (opt and env) with no-color terminals.
    * improve: menus on|off status (strcasecmp, diagnostic, real off check).
    * improve: --bikeshed with button delimiter and --date-format.
    * improve: --textbox accepts button options.
    * improve: Forms with Help button.
        - print "HELP" (like menus).
        - accept --help-list-items.
        - accept --help-print-name.
    * fix: --load-theme attributes.
    * fix: --clear-screen with --and-dialog.
    * delete: --theme <bsddialog> (partially implemented).
    * delete: --esc-return-cancel (replaced by new env and option).
    * delete: --generic-button1 (replaced by --right1-button).
    * delete: --generic-button2 (replaced by --right2-button).
    * refactor: modularize in more files (main, cli, builders, theme).

    * add: bsddialog_inmode().
    * add: bsddialog_clear(y) for utility --clear-screen.
    * add: bsddialog_refresh() for utility terminal mode options.
    * add:"d/m/y"|"m/d/y"|"y/m/d" to customize
        bsddialog_datebox() UI (boxes) with a date format.
    * add: 'const char *end' to bsddialog_gauge().
    * add: draw focus on the shortcut-key-selected button at exit.
    * add: escapes for conf.text.highlight \Zd, \Zk, \Zs, \ZD, \ZK, \ZS.
    * add: other theme flags.
    * add: generic buttons.
        - conf.button.left1_label, BSDDIALOG_LEFT1 return value.
        - conf.button.left2_label, BSDDIALOG_LEFT2 return value.
        - conf.button.left3_label, BSDDIALOG_LEFT3 return value.
        - conf.button.right1.label, BSDDIALOG_RIGHT1 return value.
        - conf.button.right2.label, BSDDIALOG_RIGHT2 return value.
        - conf.button.right3.label, BSDDIALOG_RIGHT3 return value.
    * add: unused bsddialog_menugroup.min_on for future features.
    * add: and
    * improve: check (when possible) API pointers.
    * improve: circolar buttons with left and right keys for msgbox, yesno,
        menus, rangebox and pause.
    * improve: bsddialog_textbox() handles conf.buttons.
    * improve: bsddialog_datebox() a box change affects the others as well.
    * improve: bsddialog_geterror() with fmt strings.
    * change: API NULL strings handled like "", except gauge *sep and *end.
    * change: menus and form less restrictive with text, hide text with
        little screens (same behavior as other dialogs).
    * change: mixedgauge BSDDIALOG_MG_BLANK does not draw minibar but prints
        minilabel. The change allows mixedgauge to add sections. To restore
        the previous behavior setting minilabel to "".
    * change: check/set bsddialog_gauge() perc max 100.
    * change: check/set bsddialog_mixedgauge() mainperc max 100.
    * change: and mutually exclusive.
    * change: bsddialog_pause() sec -> *sec to know remaining time at exit.
    * change: add *focusitem to bsddialog_form() like menus.
    * change: "pointer" values are always set except when BSDDIALOG_ERROR
        occurs. Examples *yy/*mm/*ss, rangebox *value.
        - delete
        - delete conf.form.value_without_ok.
    * rename: conf.text.highlight -> conf.text.escape.
    * rename: ->
    * rename: ->
    * fix: bsddialog_pause() elevation bar after resize.
    * fix: bsddialog_textbox() key '0'.
    * fix: timebox.c checksize (boxes width).
    * fix: extend menurows after shrink and enlarge.
    * fix: menu pad and form pad "re-expansion" after shrink and enlarge.
    * fix: shadow top-left corner (trick wresize() before wmove()).
    * fix: increment bsddialog_total_progview size for more general use.
    * delete: BSDDIALOG_THEME_BSDDIALOG (partially implemented).
    * delete: conf.button.generic1_label (for new conf.button.right1_label).
    * delete: BSDDIALOG_GENERIC1 return value (new BSDDIALOG_RIGHT1).
    * delete: conf.button.generic2_label (for new conf.button.right2_label).
    * delete: BSDDIALOG_GENERIC2 return value (new BSDDIALOG_RIGHT2).
    * delete: bsddialog_clearterminal(), replaced by bsddialog_clear(y).
    * refactor: internal implementation.
        - add: internal structures to represent components.
        - merge: (when possible) dialogs autosize.
        - merge: (when possible) dialogs checksize.
        - merge: for each dialog "build" with "update" -> <dialog>_redraw().
        - merge: new_dialog() with update_dialog() -> draw_dialog().
        - merge: infobox.c with messagebox.c (delete infobox.c)
        - merge: bsddialog_datebox() + bsddialog_calendar() -> datebox.c
        - change: flat and blackwhite real themes, 3d adapted from flat.
        - improve: replace wrefresh() -> wnoutrefresh()/doupdate().
        - improve: replace prefresh() -> pnoutrefresh()/doupdate().
        - improve: menu split code to build private items.
        - improve: form split code to build private items.
        - delete: -Wno-implicit-fallthrough.
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