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DevOps for Odoo

DevOps is all about shipping code to a running environment. It got a lot of benefits but the major one is to have consistence environment and stop (it works in my machine excuse).
and as I worked with Odoo for a long period of time I took it as an example to create a simple way to backage developer's code as a container.


The pipeline created here is not meant to be used in production it's only for simplifying the idea of Devops for Odoo code base.

The goal:

To create a docker image with the latest changes from git.


3.Github actions.

  • The repo structure is:
  • Dockerfile
  • extra-addons
    • addon1
    • addon2
    • addon..
    • …….
  • odoo.conf
  • requirements.txt
  • .github
    • workflows
    • docker-image.yml

The requirements.txt is only for python modules

As in odoo-devops.

The github action will generate an image with the latest and an image with a hash tag from git.
Like dockermanfirst/odoo-14:latest, dockermanfirst/odoo-14:main-228a04c, you can deploy it on any docker host.

What this structure will guarantee:
Consistency of deployment between environments.
Standard way to deploy the odoo version.

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