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SSSAG Stack, the Stack of Tomorrow

Stacks change as needs change and looking at the technologies available and the solutions available my belief is the stack that addresses most modern concerns is what I would call the SSSag Stack. Let me walk through the parts and what they solve.

1- Serverless

This represents using serverless architecture and possibly the serverless framework. Creating API and other microservices using AWS Lamba, Google or Azure Cloud Functions offers a solution that easily scales up and down with use making modern application growth a less scary operational issue.

2/3 - Svelte and Stencil

Unlike other front-end frameworks, Stencil and Svelte are compilers that compile the code for production meaning you can ship plain reactive vanilla JS without the bloat of including the framework in the package. This results in very small bundle sizes which make for better speed and better user experience. I expect these to be adopted more and more in the coming years.

4/5 - Apollo and GraphQL

Apollo Server makes it very easy to create GraphQL Apis. The beauty of GraphQL is you can have one API endpoint and more flexible requests. This means one query can result in searching multiple sources and only returning the specific data requested. With Serverless architecture where your costs can grow the more individual API calls that occur, GraphQL really can help keep those calls minimal.

Make sure to keep an eye out for my youtube channel as I make videos on how to make applications using these technologies.

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