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Why Pivot When I Can Dive So Much Deeper?

This post was originally published on October 19, 2020 on my blog.

I lied with my last blog post. The one where I said I might start in on the edX course CS50.

I started thinking about where I'm at currently and getting more and more comfortable with React. And then I asked myself - why would I pivot right now when I'm at the perfect point to go even deeper?

Why would I change direction from React to CS fundamentals when I ultimately want to get really, really, really good at React and front-end web development?

To that extent, I learned how to implement React Router in one of my projects today which was awesome! Especially after a lot of troubleshooting with not getting my views to show up even though the URL path was successfully changing.

The solution? Just adding an 'exact' before the Route's path. So simple. So satisfying when it was fixed!

Glad to be fully clear about it this Monday - why suddenly pivot when I have the chance to dive so much deeper?

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