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Alex Morton
Alex Morton

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Dreams about coding solutions?

This post was originally published on April 12, 2021 on my blog.

Good Monday morning. I'm a little tired today. All of my dreams this weekend were about the current problem I'm trying to solve at work in terms of getting scope added to a certain integration.

I feel like even in my sleeping and restful moments where my brain should be recuperating, it's filled with trying to find a solution or at least new ways forward.

It's kind of miraculous. Because even while I was asleep, I was somewhat conscious of my brain branching out in all kinds of different directions.

Well, I'm bent on finding my solution today. This morning, even! I'm visualizing myself wrapping up this section of work and putting it out into the world (fingers crossed)!

I'm interested to see and curious about what today will bring. There are lots of possibilities and as long as I keep making my way forward, I'll come to the solution.

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Ben Sinclair

I sometimes dream solutions. Sometimes they even work. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and write them.

Sometimes I get halfway through and realise they rely on a library called "BeeswaxAlienContortion" that only existed in my dream.

Traditionally, I think most programmers solve problems about 8 hours later in the shower. It's why so many laptops end up with water damage.

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Alex Morton

Amazing lol!! I've been having coding dreams consistently over the past week. I just want a little break in my sleeping hours!! 😆